The Vanishing of Irrigo

Last night, after having avoided it for awhile, I visited the Cave of the Nadir and left after I’d accumulated 9 Irrigo.

To my surprise, early this AM (US East Coast time, anyway), I got the message that all of my Irrigo had dissipated! And it had.

I’d previously assumed that Irrigo took one week to vanish, measured from the time you last left the cave. Apparently, the anniversary date is measured from the day of the week that it was the first time you visited the cave. In this instance, that was useful.

Actually, I think it happens when Failbetter does the event. The day/time seems somewhat random. I always go back to the cave when my irrigo vanishes, but it’s still rare for it to be the same day of the week.

The longest living story timer is actually about six days and eight hours long; it’s not exactly seven days. So the irrigo/notability/making waves reduction happens at slightly different times every week. it’s not a manual event

Also - I haven’t been to Nadir at all yet, and still get the event, just after getting my earnest of pay.

Interesting. I did not realize that, since mostly my Irrigo has vanished after just about one week before. Thanks.