The Vake and the Four Night-Whispers

I’ve been seriously enjoying my ambition from the very start, but hitting this wall with the four Night-Whisper requirement has me huffy. I have no real way to gain Certifiable Scraps easily enough to make a Reliker viable and expeditions don’t turn them up frequently, so to my fellow Vake hunters that managed to get past this shopping list of items, I must ask… how did you get your four Night-Whispers?

Not sure that this will help make things any easier, but a Night-Whisper can be obtained as a rare success when converting 25 Muscaria Brandy to Brass Rings (as set out in the table in my sig line).

I am no Vake-Hunter, but if I ever felt the need to have four Night-Whispers, I would undertake expeditions in the Forgotten Quarter seeking Shrines of the Deep Blue Heaven.
If my calculations are correct, you have an 11 percent chance of gaining two Night-Whispers with each Unpredictable Treasure from there.

You can swap out the Last Hope of a Fidgeting Writer for a Night-Whisper. Coincidentally, I have 4 such Last Hopes right this moment. I started the process with 20 Deja Vu, so if your luck is equal or better than mine that’s an option, hope you have a supply of Tales of Terror.

Fortunately I had enough stockpiled from Expeditions. I have never managed to get past the Room Number at the Royal Beth while attempting the Fidgeting Writer :(

As mentioned, the Last Hope of a Fidgeting Writer which is begun with Tales of Terror is the best option. It does take quite a few Tales, but you should be able to nail 4 Night Whispers down in 2-4 days of grinding.

What a great collection of responses! :D I’m in no rush to get through my ambition, but I’ll certainly start working on the Night-Whispers right after I get back from Flute Street. A Rubbery Hound is calling my name and the Labyrinth of Tigers calls it.

Again, thanks everyone. :D