The University

My dear delicious friends, I seem to be in a pickle.

After persuing exhaustively the case at the University, it seems I am now out on my ear, before I could even enjoy the second &quotsemester&quot (If you will) at the University. Yes, instead of engaging in Passing term, I doggedly persued things to the end. I now ask if there is a way to go back, and persue more, or if the dreams of the Department of Correspondence could ever be realied. Or is it the end? And how does one unlock Doubt Street from this… debacle?

You can regain your welcome to the University by undertaking a Scientific Expedition or three, but I’m afraid that you would have to create a new character if you wanted to sample the delights of the second semester, as there is no way to go back to it.
As for the future of your department:

The story of your department ends here, for now at least.

Doubt Street is Shadowy content, unlocked by being POSI and having at least 110 shadowy. Speak to the urchin from your lodgings for details.

If by ‘Doubt Street’, you mean ‘Flute Street’, then keep an eye out for an academic friend asking for help - he may show up in your opportunity deck. Actual access is fate-locked though.

Ah, thank you, yes I meant Flute Street. Thanks for clarifying, I’ll simply resign myself to a short second semester and saunter on with my main.