The Unfinished Hat

So I just got the unfinished hat in Polythreme, and It doesn’t seem that great. In fact, it seems worse than the Exceptional Hat. I’m guessing there are cards or storylets that you need the Unfinished Hat to get, but I’m not sure. Also if there are, are they in Polythreme? Because I’m ready to leave, and I don’t want to zail all the way back.
edited by Edward Frye on 9/20/2016

I do not know of any cards or options unlocked anywhere by having the Unfinished Hat. Its main benefit is being a 2 BDR companion when most non-Fate companions have 1 BDR at most.

Ah, I guess I’m just underestimating BDR.

Notability is the primary use of BDR, but it’s certainly a big help there. It isn’t quite as noticeable at low BDR, but with enough small amounts adding up, it’s possible to get the first couple levels of Notability for free.

How do I get notability with BDR. I have 5 respectable (trying to get 7).

If you’re a PoSI and you own a copy of Slowcake’s Exceptionals, you can use the A visit from Slowcake’s Amanuensis card to turn in making waves equal to 20 - (your total BDR) + (4 * your current notability) in exchange for a point of notability.

In other words, every point of BDR means you need one fewer level of Making Waves to be able to increase Notability. Without BDR, going from Notability 14 to 15 requires MW 76; with the maximum BDR of 33 (if I’ve counted right) going from Notability 14 to 15 requires MW 43. And even though those numbers both sound pretty high, reaching the former level takes almost three times the CP as needed for the latter level.

Of course, outside from overcapping stats the highest Notability you’ll ever need is Notability 9, to guarantee getting a Surprise Package from the An Unsigned Message card. There is one option needing Notability 12, but it is not one anyone should ever dare use.

These words will be all but lost on anyone who actually could use that option, and rightly so… as they will have proven to be beyond the reach of mere words already then. :D