THE TRUTH release

[color=#009900]THE TRUTH StoryNexus update is out today (17/01/13). The major update in this one is a swanky new cross-StoryNexus inbox, accessible through the top bar, for messaging in all worlds: the Fallen London inbox will stay as well for now, but we’ll phase it out.[/color]
[color=#009900]There are two other small but very tasty treats for creators in this release:[/color]
[color=#009900]- You can now delete branches rather than just lock them into invisibility (I hear the sigh of relief from here).[/color]
[color=#009900]- We’re adding a PLAY button to every storylet in the developer’s tools. Clicking it will open a new tab, with your character in the storylet. NB that this bypasses all quality and setting checks, and allows you to leap straight into an undrawn op card!.. which makes life much easier for debugging and testing individual storylets, but may lead to weird behaviour if you’re not aware of it.[/color]

I don’t normally post just to say I like things, because it feels a bit vacuous, but… I really like the new inbox.


Where exactly is the inbox? I don’t see it.

And a very happy sigh it is.
Thanks very much for the ‘play’ button. Layout is my obsession, and wading my way through a dozen storylets to get to the one I need to check was becoming an agony. g

Hanon: there should be an envelope icon next to your account dropdown in the right-hand corner of the orange SN bar.

I’m using IE to view Fallen London, and it’s stretching the top bar now somethin’ fierce. But not when I go to the SN inbox.

Me too, Playerside - it’s about three times as big as usual! It’s the right size when I go to play The Silver Tree though.

I see it now. Looks great! Is each message supposed to show twice?

The Fallen London inbox tells me who my outstanding invitations are to, which is useful; the SN inbox doesn’t. Is this a bug or intended behavior?

Looks great on my desktop Chrome and Android browser.

It’s a lot prettier than the FL inbox, but seems to have a lot less functionality.

Right now in FL, I can tell at a glance which are pending messages to me and which are pending messages from me, as well as who those pending messages are to. Notifications that a message has been received are set apart on the right side, along with messages that I have a message.

Throwing everything together (and leaving out some fundamental information) seems like a significant step backwards. I’m sure it works perfectly fine if you carefully prune and delete everything non-essential immediately, but if I wanted to spend that much time managing an Inbox, my actual e-mail’s Inbox would be a lot emptier than it actually is.
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Does this mean that a universal profile page that successfully displays metaqualities and so forth might be in the cards? I can only really access that info from Fallen London, and the whole thing just looks really messy. The only thing that I though might change that would be to link an e-mail address, but it feels like the problem might be in the coding. I’m using chrome, if that matters.

I really like the new inbox, btw. Especially the per-world messaging.