The Treasures of War

Having spent a while chasing and facing down my would be assassins in The Flit I was directed to return to my lodgings and ponder the situation.
Yet on doing so there really doesn’t seem to be much to ponder!
An option informing me ‘Your opponent in the war of assassins bears many fresh scars…’ yet taking that gives me nothing more, merely the suggestion to record this thought in my Journal.
What am I missing here? How do I next approach my aspiring assassins?

Miss Loveshanks

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You need to Choose an enemy! (storylet) before you can cash in your Dramatic Tension 2 for a reward in The Treasures of War. Once you have chosen an enemy that choice remains until you change your mind, which you had better not do while you have Fighting a War of Assassins, since that apparently resets when you change enemy. But it’s safe to choose an enemy while you’re still building Dramatic Tension.[li]
edited by Gillsing on 1/30/2014

Aaah. Thanks! I had, indecisive, left this vague. I shall make my choice! Although being decisive doesn’t come easy- I’m unsure which option appeals most.
edited by Loveshanks on 1/31/2014

Don’t worry Loveshanks you can fight the war of assassins over and over again, which is useful if you want certain POSI items but lack the items to get them in the bazaar side streets, like collections of curiosities and use of villains.
So just choose the enemy that gives something you have few or none of or an item you need.
Also you can cash in Dramatic Tension got from different sources in different storylets.


imho, war of assassins is best for gaining collection of curios(choose an ex-lover as your enemy). some of the items needed for making CoCs in the sidestreets are somewhat hard to find/grind or require zailing out to zee.