The Starveling Café during the Feast

The Starveling Café, the Starveling Café, have an estranged lover and feeling grey? Come to the Starveling Café and let it all fade away! There’s nothing as romantic as a deranged clot of spitting fur.
Get your Seeking lover a new Starveling Cat! Give them a name (with a cat), today!
(Art commission is nearly done! See spoiler below)

This Feast of the Exceptional Rose the Starveling Café is gifting out 77 Starveling Cats (at maximum, but I might cave and give more) and collecting Love Stories. The idea is to work in tandem with the Feast, during the Feast, it is impossible to get gifts for yourself, instead, you’ve got to get someone else to send them to you, that’s how this is going to work. You, the reader, get to request that one of the Starveling Cats gets gifted to someone just like a Feast of the Exceptional Rose gift.

Starveling Cats are not good for anything this Feast of the Exceptional Rose other than for gifting for the sake of gifting. The Starveling Cafe is offering non-conventional semi-formal useless gift sending, if you want to be specific about it (useless for the feast anyways).

The first rule of this is: no more than one Starveling Cat request per person (unless multiple lovelives).
If you happen to be the recipient of two Starveling Cats from the Café, that’s fine.

SO, how to get a cat for your almost lover:

1. Send me the social action &quotGoing to the theatre&quot on the card &quotThe Neath’s Mysteries&quot
The cats are almost free, the Urchins delivering your lover’s cat aren’t, pay them with Wild Words.
I go by gender neutral pronouns.

My name in Fallen London is → 8

The following are details that must accompany your message

a. Your potential lover’s IGN
I need this for obvious reasons. How else am I going to add them to my list of future victims?

b. An accompanying message for your closest
This will accompany the cat on a literal scrap of paper, often stained.

c. Why in the Neath would you want to give your longed for a Starveling Cat
The Starveling Cafe isn’t a charity, as with the deepest matters of the Bazaar, look to love, you will pay us with your love story.

d. Which cat?

more cat names incoming
with messages like these (already written, from Hallowmas sending, just need to collate here):
&quotLook after h-aaAARGGHH, Petité Mort likes pranking your companions into thinking you’re out to get them, stakeambulating about the residents of Prickfinger Wastes, and properly diced Bifurcated Owls. Thank you for visiting the Starveling Café. Come again!&quot

2. Post here with which cat that shall be gifted
I will keep the spoiler updated with cats, but this ensures no accidental double ups between updating the post.

3. (Optional) Make a donation to the cafe!
Cat Boxes and Starveling Stoles are best.
Whilst Cat Boxes are the usual bread and butter of the cafe, Starveling Stoles are a signamount of the Manager’s garb, so I’m not above asking for them.

1~3 tl;dr
One cat request per person
Tell me you want your nearly lover to have a cat
Send me wild words from The Neath’s Mysteries
Give me your lovers details
Pick a cat
Your bound lover gets cat
(optional) Donate to cafe

Other notes
I can send cats on specific dates, if you so desire.
Cats will not be sent before sending gifts starts, and will stop after they close.
Each Starveling Cat is from Hallowmas! Albeit, there’s been a single name change at the expense of 1 x Favours: Cecil
This >here< is the Hallowmas post if anyone’s interested
Remember, I will only be sending out 77 Starveling Cats (probably).
edited by Cecil on 2/5/2016

Commission spoiler:

try right clicking

edited by Cecil on 2/5/2016


With the dying of the feast, the cats have been sent. Services have been rendered and oh my god the messages I got were great.