The Staining of a Soul

While pursuing the Name and in turn staining my soul, I just stopped to wonder - Will I be able to properly play the Marvelous when the time comes with my soul in the wretched state that it is? Of course, I doubt the folks at Failbetter will completely lock out the ending of the Ambition, but do you think there will be some penalties or story-changes with a stained soul? Sorry if this gets covered later on in the Ambition, but I am still a bit behind on mine.[li]

Nothing involving your soul seems to have turned up in the ambition quite yet. If something does come up regarding a stained soul I would hope that you’d still be able to continue, even if it means giving up the search.

[li]I think the wagering of one’s soul was only really mentioned in the rumors of the Marvellous, near the beginning. There are examples later on showing that other… unusual things are able to be wagered in that game. I’d say more, but I’m not certain how spoileriffic it is for those not very far along the story, though if anyone wants to know, I’m perfectly willing to provide PM information. (As silly as it sounds, I’ve never been able to get those dratted spoiler tags to work)

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Adding colour to the command prevent it from working…

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