The Silver Tree and it's meta qualities...

So, I recently finished the Silver Tree and I got a bunch of meta qualities with it, are these used for anything in any storynexus game? It says that it may unlock stories in other storynexus games but that’s there for all meta qualities, are these here just to remind you of the ending or are they actually used for anything?

Unless I’m very much mistaken, they’re not used for anything - yet!

The original plan for StoryNexus contained, among other things, a plan for finishing worlds to reward you with such metaqualities that would then unlock tiny bonuses in other worlds.

Due to the commercial failure of StoryNexus and the reorganization of Failbetter to focus entirely on the Neath, they don’t do anything and likely never will.

The fact that Sunless Sea use metaqualities is already a miracle. But the original intent for metaqualities is that they only affect the starting conditions of a game, and only the start. Nothing really came of it, and Sunless Sea remain the only actual usage of it (and it also only affect the start of each game by checking metaqualities and giving you qualities to unlock things right off the bat.)