The sign at his feet reads: "WILL WORK FOR GEMS"

Clearly intrigued, you step closer to inquire. Superficially, the man carries himself with the urbane veneer of the socially ambitious, but closer inspection shows his clothing to be ill-matched, thread-bare and clearly last season- or the season before that. His morning suit, faded as most things are in the acrid haze of Fallen London, sports stains you’d rather not speculate on, and he has an opera cloak that has fallen victim to the enormous moths of the 'Neath slung over his shoulder in a devils-may-care manner (and they certainly would care, natty dressers that they are). Unabashed under your scrutiny, he steps closer in well-polished shoes and doffs his bowler- or is that a lady’s bonnet equally coated with shoe-black? How scandalous.

"Good Evening!" he grins. " You look like someone who gets things  done. A real mover and shaker, I bet you are!" Taken aback, you say  nothing at first, but the odd fellow seems to take that for assent.  "See, I knew you were! I'm very good at reading people, and you carry  yourself like someone spinning a lot of very important plates at once." 

Continuing, he leans in, as though taking you into his confidence. “In my personal experience, people like that need someone around to take care of the mundane stuff, the petty tasks that are too marginal for big picture people but too discrete for the help, if you catch my drift. Wounded while wrestling fearsome beasts? Need a good listener to confess your darkest fears too? Someone to put in a good word or run interference when rumors or the law start to circle? You need someone of wherewithal… and I have plenty of that. I can be your Johnny-on-the-spot whenever small concerns threaten to upset your matters of great importance”

. "Ah, I see yourself asking, 'what does he get out of it? Well, not so much… I have a friend who I also helped out in times of need who is a dab hand with jewels. Wants to make me something nice, but needs me to go out and get the raw ingredients. Daft, isn’t it? Trouble is, the venom rubies needed aren’t really available in the circles I travel in. You, on the other hand, as someone of significant import, can nick on down to one the shops that cater to exclusive clientele. And when the opportunity arises, you can help yours truly a great deal by providing them. It may be a bit pricey, but I have no doubts I can save you more than that in time by taking care of those loose ends- and time is money, after-all. So, what say you?

((TL;DR/OOC version: I’m looking to propose a trade with a person of some importance in order to complete the lapidary’s work I’m just now working my way out of the starting zones and I have a long row to hoe before I get to become important myself, which leaves me next to no options for venom rubies as far as I know besides A Gift of Jewels via the Commotion opportunity from a person of some importance, who can buy them in the coils of the bazaar. Given the limitations of exchange of goods (Strange, given that it’s based around a bazaar) I don’t have a lot I can offer besides my actions, taking on of your various menaces, but hopefully we can sort out an equitable arrangement- I know it may cost a fair number of cryptic clues and a few actions of your own, but if I can save the actions/money that might be spent on laudunum/vigors taking care of the various menaces hopefully I can make it a not-one-sided arrangement. Cheers, and see you in the 'Neath))

I have plenty of gems at the moment, I’d be happy to share some, next time the opportunity card in question arrises. Don’t need any menace reduction at present, but potential promise of future favors will more than suffice. My twitter is @KatarinaNavane
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And if you’re on Facebook, I’d be just as happy to pass some gems on. I’m at

I’m another fellow who can use some gems. As my thread may indicate, I’m no stranger to offering social actions, and I’d be willing to help with whatever you need in exchange.

I’ll help you too. Just wait until I have an opportunity to pass by the Square of Lofty Words.

I shall be happy to assist you my good man? Do give me a call

ooc version

sure i would be happy to assist
Twitter @nos2342

I am back from an unprecedented vacation in the colonies ( I am never wearing that hat with THOSE socks again). Please feel free to call on me if you need a hand or would like to depose of excess jewelry. I’ve added you all to my social circle.

What is your screen name, sir? The card has come up but I do not have you amongst the options, at least not under the name Albrecht. Also, if you are named for Durer, may I offer my compliments on the good choice.

Perhaps my card would help? I’m not sure why people aren’t able to find me.
I wasn’t named after a specific Albrecht, except perhaps subconciously. The name was has an air of disntinguished continental scholars of the Victorian era, but I must admit I didn’t have a particular one in mind.
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I’m sorry I haven’t sent anything yet. The opportunity card still hasn’t shown up. Funny how they’re never around when you want them.

This thread doesn’t just have to be about Albrecht. I would encourage anyone else who needs gemstones to post here for help.

[quote=AlbrechtEB]Perhaps my card would help? I’m not sure why people aren’t able to find me.
I wasn’t named after a specific Albrecht, except perhaps subconciously. The name was has an air of disntinguished continental scholars of the Victorian era, but I must admit I didn’t have a particular one in mind.
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Perhaps you have a link via the messaging service by birds or the books with faces? They do seem uncommonly proficient at finding a person…

A Lady who exchanges calling cards

I’m sending these missives by carrier pigeon at the moment. You will know the messages bymy signature @AlbrechtEB. I tried to follow and/or befriend those that expressed an interest. For those that prefer the portrait book I’m slightly more anonymous, and go by the eponym Johnny BeDoe.
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See, you could have just said you were Johnny BeDoe earlier and the problem would have been solved. If you’re on Facebook it uses people’s Facebook names even if you added them via twitter, it’s a problem. Your gems are on their way!

Thanks, I picked up the first shipment! Only one more to go, please let everyone know if you send it so others can send it to Urth or other desrving folks.

And the card has finally arrived. Enjoy the gemstones, Albrecht! Though you might want to make sure the Constables don’t see them. I’m just saying.

My most gracious thanks, everyone! The cane is spectacular if a little bit gaudy- so in other words, it fits perfectly. To my most generous benefactors, please let me know if you ever need assistance with social actions. And helping the other poor folks out would be dandy too- once I reach the coils of the bazaar I shall be sure to pass on the favor.

Urthdigger, you still wanting gems? Or if not, anyone else? I now have an Opportunity to assist.

Urthdigger gets first dibs, having asked previously, but I am happy to help anyone else in future.

Yes, I’d still like some gems. I have no rubies, and that lapidary keeps pestering me.

Well, I wouldn’t refuse some Rubies and Sapphires… I checked the Wikis and they’re quite long to obtain with my current Qualities. If I may, I’d go in queue after Urthdigger has found his - first come, first served, 'innit? XD

I’m not sure about what I could do in return, though ^^"

Excellent. You must come over to dinner some time to tell me how you liked your present. Just ask a friendly Urchin how to get there, then go the other way.