the sidebar snippets, saved and categorized

Recently I’ve started saving the little snippets of background information provided in the sidebar when I’m bored/waiting for actions, and I realized one downside to echoing them to the journal is that you can’t tag them. (if Failbetter is looking for ways to improve the journal/make it more usable, I would suggest that!) Since my main purpose in saving them was to be able to go back and look at everything on a topic and see if that helps piece together more of Fallen London’s backstory, I decided to make a tumblr: londonbridgeis. If anyone finds it interesting, feel free to use it!

also, if you’ve got any suggestions re: layout, the tagging system, ways to make tumblr provide an automatically updated list of tags (I don’t understand how that’s not a provided feature, but it’s worth asking) etc. that would be great.

Nicely and neatly done – I commend you.

Thank you!