The Seven

Who are the seven? I haven’t seen much direct info on them.

Which Seven are you talking about?

The Seven against Nidah, from Sunless Sea?

The Seven Saints from Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name?

There are rather a lot of sevens in Neathy lore… :D

The Seven, as in the Tomb of the Seven.
I’m assuming that’s related to the Seven in Sunless Sea but I haven’t played that as my hands crapped out on me months ago and it hurts too much to play games.
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Ah no, those are a different Seven again! :D

These Seven are related to the history of the Fourth City, but that’s all I remember tbh. I have no idea who these particular Seven are supposed to be, as the tomb in question is that of the &quotFinal Khan&quot.

Actually, it seems as if this &quotSeven&quot refers to the seven Correspondence Stones that were buried with the Khan!
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I feel silly. Thank you!