The Secular Missionary: Investigate Further?

Is this a new card? I don’t see it on the wiki.[li]

Echoing to my journal just in case.[/li][li]
[/li][li]EDIT: I chose the Connected:The masters option, and got 1 secular missionary progress and one bottle of Greyfields first sporing, but lost one change point of connected: the masters for my trouble.[/li][li]
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Likewise, I echoed the result of the wry functionary option - that only got me the progress, nothing extra. Didn’t reduce the acquaintance, either.

I did the seduction option, it’s echoed to my profile (bjorntfh). It’s kind of funny, she “forgets” to mention he husband, but wants you to help her still. She remembers you very well though.

Funny thing - I took the Great Game option (results in Sir Fred’s journal, as usual,) and, while it was jolly interesting, it didn’t raise the acquaintance at all. Do any of the other options push it along? Is it one that progresses the story, and several others that give us backstory?

Nedemmons succeeded at the Great Game option a little while ago and gained a level in Intimacy. As I write this, it seems that success with all the options (except billing her, haha) raises your progress. Maybe you encountered a bug earlier or perhaps the card has been revised since you first played it.

Has anyone reached the next stage at 10 intimacy?

I just got the one continuation card for intimacy and got to Stage 10. That’s it though. I figure there’s more cards to come.

I have been anxiously waiting for days to pull the card to raise intimacy to 10. Previously, I had been anxiously waiting for probably around a year for new Secular Missionary content because I really, really like her! If there were a way to pay Fate to pull her card, I would totally do it…

Took me a while to draw it too. You’ll get the card eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later. ^^

I assume IF I ever get it, you only get it once? (You don’t get to see the other option results?)

I thought someone said that it can appear at 7, but I got it at 9, which meant I got it only once before I was at 10.

The Great Game and the Wry Functionary certainly cast the Secular Missionary in a new light. I’m dashed curious to see where it goes next.

Would be nice if she could become a spouse, though considering she looks exactly like the Devout Intriguer that seems unlikely. Personally think they need to work on spouse and club options due to the lack of variety on both accounts.

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I would simply love to see the Quiet Deviless finally become a Spouse option - I was well baffled when she appeared as a Pet but not a Spouse. Definitely ditto more clubs - Old-and-Stuffy or Young-and-Silly is, well, it’s not quite Sophie’s choice… and I don’t think it’s Hobson’s choice. And neither’s tempting enough for it to be Buridan’s ass, or its near cousin, Mothersbaugh’s dog (quoth ass and dog alike: are we not men?) The patriarchs of the Parthenaeum are likely to have a professional application for Morton’s fork… while the bally blighters of the Stags are more likely to try to eat their tea with it. Perhaps we’re between Scylla and Charybdis, or a rock and a hard place… which is still better than being between a rock and Sisyphus. Are we looking at two households, both alike in dignity, here? Or two paths that the passing there had worn about the same? Or perhaps it’s the man from Porlock… he’s been an albatross around my neck, I swear.
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Yessss, finally! :D

I be this story is going to tie in to Cave of the Nadir. Perhaps the lady and her husband are the “allies” mentioned on that option?

Seems like a safe assumption to make (safer than the cave itself, at least).

The next card has appeared and the Revolutionary Firebrand is back as well.

I got a new card that took my &quotintimate with the Secular Missionary&quot is at 10, but I still need to get whatever comes after that.
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Got the new card, and can now choose between the Revolutionary Firebrand and the Secular Missionary.

Not very fond of either of them to be honest. Still, decisions, decisions.

And I still haven’t drawn the card. Oh Fallen London, with your stubborn 30 or so cards that stifle any card-based progress.