The Sanguine Ribbon Society: Unsatisfactory Death

I absolutely love the new Lethal Sparring Bouts, but I have one major problem with them: rather than sending you to the Boatman, losing just sets your Wounds to 8.

This is a problem, because it is currently impossible to avoid burning a Horsehead Amulet when you reach that level of Wounds. I keep those around for unexpected and unintentional deaths, and I don’t want them used up when I’m all ready to go play chess with a skeleton.

There are two possible ways to fix this:

  1. Change the result of losing a Lethal Sparring Bout so that it sets your location to “A slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river” in addition to setting your Wounds to 8. The Horsehead Amulet only triggers while in Fallen London, so that would sidestep the issue entirely.

  2. Change the Horsehead Amulet so that players have the option not to use it. Please choose this option.[/li][li]
    edited by Saklad5 on 7/27/2017

&quotjust&quot? More like you just want to sip a cheeky tonic at death’s doormat!

I like the second option too. Instead of using it automatically, the game should just ask you if you want to use it and then send you to the appropriate place based on your answer.

I don’t think a horse would like having to ask for permission to kick you, let alone saving your gosh dang life.

I don’t think a horse would like having to ask for permission to kick you, let alone saving your gosh dang life.[/quote]
You want to nitpick? Fine. It isn’t a horse.[li]

The property of horsehead amulets to activate regardless of the desires of their wearer can be very useful at times. Especially if your interests are not aligned with those of said wearer.

It does make sense that one would be able to choose to not wear a horsehead amulet for a duel, or for any other particular activity. But it doesn’t make sense that a wearer would be able to choose whether the amulet activates or not. So maybe the storylet could just ask the player whether they were wearing their Horsehead Amulet(s) or not?

I assume that FBG would have no desire to turn those amulets back into wearable equipment, but this time giving a special quality which becomes the quality actually interfering with death, rather than the mere ownership of an amulet.

Should I sent Failbetter a feedback email about this, or just assume they are closely watching the forums after a rather substantial content drop like this? (If so, hi)

They do read the forums, but sending an email is the surest way to make sure it gets to them.

Always send a email if you can. That’s a surer way to get a ticket for a change opened up, as opposed to it just being an idea that they might get around to eventually.
It’s just logistically easier.

Failbetter took option 2! We can now avoid using Horsehead Amulets!

That’s great news! (I haven’t had lots of experience with the whole Sanguine Ribbons thing yet.)
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How do you avoid using a horsehead amulet? I just died to sanguine ribbon and didn’t have any options…

I, uh, haven’t actually been able to get a new Horsehead Amulet since they said it was changed. Those things are quite rare, after all, and I haven’t been going out of my way to grind for them. I assumed it was an option on the storylet that auto-fires when Wounds reaches 8 or more while you have one.

I have just tried this myself on an alt, and the Horsehead Amulet has triggered automatically as always. There was no option to avoid using it.

I’ve avoided losing my last horsehead amulet by keeping a few Tinctures of Vigour, or alternatively, an offer for healing in the messages. To use between getting Wounds 8 and hitting “Proceed” or refreshing the Story tab (or browser tab).

Although I think the choice between death and amulet did indeed use to work at some point.