The Rosers

I’ve heard mention of the Rosers in the Cave of the Nadir. Specifically, I met a survivor of the Fourth City there said that the Fourth City had some kind of connection with the Rosers. She also hinted at their fate. (I’m trying to avoid mentioning spoilers and also I can’t figure out how to create those &quotspoilers&quot buttons. I’m a forum newbie)

I haven’t heard of them anywhere else. Does anyone know anything else about them?

The Rosers are one of three factions that plagued the Fourth City (Similar to the groups we have in London!) alongside the Motherlings and the Copper.

From what I can tell, the Rose in Rosers refers to the Menagerie of Roses, one of the “borderlands” of Parabola, which are where the honey dreamers go. The closest analogue we have in London times is probably the Glass, if you’ve been to Mahogany Hall.

Ring around the Rosers,
The men behind the mirrors,
Cosmogone! Cosmogone!
They all went to lacre!

Thanks, varinn. Do you happen to recall where you learned that?

Is anything known about the Motherlings and Coppers?

Various sources, although being shockingly well-connected and hosting your own Salon can’t hurt when it comes to lore matters. Places untouched by the Fall of London also are good for this kind of info.

The Motherlings, as far as I can tell, worshipped(?) the Tree of Ages, and its creepy gross skitter-servants(?). There’s what SEEMS to be a proper analogue in London, although I don’t think I’d describe them as antagonistic, so thats a bit surprising. Honestly, beside knowing the connection between the people and terms here, their motives are completely foreign to me.

The Copper is probably the most mysterious. They seem to have no modern analogue, so I suppose they were properly suppressed. The only hint, and it is a pretty substantial one, to their origin is something I’m half remembering about [spoiler]black mirrors, a term which pinpoints their origin pretty clearly once you’ve spotted that metaphor enough to understand what it means.[/spoilers]