The repentant forger??

I have lost my acquaintance in the repentant forger after pushing him a little too hard when uncovering secrets framed in gold.
Is it possible to get him back by going back to new newgate or is he lost to me forever??

You can get him back in New Newgate but need to pay nex/fate to do so. I can’t remember exactly how much it costs though.

It’s 20 Fate, but that seems like a relatively new development.

I assume you didn’t get much OUT of pushing that far, eh? I cashed out when I reached that step - figured that even if there WAS more to find, it wouldn’t be worth sacrificing my budding friendship for it.

Considering all I gained from selling it at that stage… I like to think I made the right choice. ^_^

I made the same decision. My character’s missed out on a shot at the Passion destiny; I’m not sure if that’s good for her or not. Not that many destinies seem to be necessarily good.