The Relickers and Airs of London

I’ve noticed that one or two of the options on each Relicker card has an Airs of London icon next to its other requirements, and which option it is seems to vary (presumably with my Airs quality). Has it ever been determined what’s going on with that?

You know, I’ve actually been wondering the same thing… just never got around to asking the question. >_> I wonder if ANYBODY knows what those are all about.

I think it’s just atmospheric. A traveling salesperson can’t reasonably be expected to have all of the rare items they could potentially sell in stock at all times. You have to catch them on the right day, when the stars align.

Are some of the expensive items actually locked by Airs? That would explain it…I don’t have enough scraps or high enough stats to detect it if it unlocks on those items but just appears without having any visible effect on the lower-tier items.