The [redacted] is on...

Hey… it’s one of my first times posting here, so I’m going to put this whole thing in spoiler tags, just in case. If someone more experienced reads it and can tell me that it’s actually safe content, then I’ll edit it. Anyway:[li]

I’ve basically lost track of a plot thread, and was wondering if anyone could help me find it or restart it. It’s the &quotThe Hunt is on…&quot thread. I didn’t miss it before, but I’ve now realised (I think) that I need to progress with it further in order to make progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers. Any thoughts? I can find any references to it anywhere. It’s possible that I inadvertently close it by telling Mr Inch to bugger off or something… if I can’t restart it, well, I’m already a Person of Some Importance, so it doesn’t really matter. I just wanted to progress in the Labyrinth out of curiosity really.


The Hunt is on can be raised in the Labyrinth itself, so no worries about that. If you haven’t answered Mr Inch’s letter yet then it’s possible that your Dangerous is too high to do more work with him, in which case you should answer that letter.

Thanks for your response. My Dangerous is 160 (barring mods). I’m not sure I can see a letter anywhere…? Or was that something I would have done early on? I did proceed with the thread for a bit before “losing” it.

If you’ve done things in the Labyrinth then you’ve answered the letter. Where are you in there? Might help with figuring out what you need to do to progress, if there is more for you to do in there.

Ah, okay. I seem to remember a letter now. I’ve got as far as the Fourth Coil, but can’t find any way to increase my “Making progress…” quality now. I read on a wiki (I think) that this is where the Hunt comes into it.

At &quotMaking progress…&quot 16, you’re at the cap for that quality; the later coils aren’t currently available. The one continuation of the storyline is the Fate-locked chapter, which starts with another Opportunity card.

Sorry, I told a lie - I’m in the third coil. My “Making progress…” is 10 (whereas I need 14).

In the Third Coil - there is a story titled The Third Coil - play this to raise your hunt is on to 8. You need to do this three times and then wait for an opportunity card to get your Making Progress to 14.

Perfect, thank you!