The prodigal daughter returns... or does she?

Delicious friends, it has been two years or so since last I regularly roamed the streets of Fallen London. At the time, I was a Person of Some Importance and an experienced zailor of the Underzee. But for years, I left that all behind me as I followed other pursuits.

Now I once more find myself amidst half-forgotten streets and realize that they are, indeed, half-forgotten. I have only the foggiest idea of what I was doing when last I left, what endeavours occupied my time, or where I was meant to go next. I admit, I’m tempted to throw my memories into the fire and begin completely anew, as though I had never stepped foot in our glorious city.

What say you, delicious friends? If it were you, what would you do?

(Or, in more prosaic terms, is it worth it to reset my account entirely and start over? Or should I go off hunting for new content, even though I can barely remember what I was doing years ago when I played regularly?)
edited by juliegolick on 11/30/2014

Personally, I’d start an alt. Get back up to speed with them, and then play both characters concurrently.

Excellent idea. Much obliged.