The Poll Poll

The year is 1894 and London is to have a mayor. As the mayoral candidates compete for popular votes, so do electoral poll forum threads compete for popular attention.

So far, the poll threads outnumber the candidates two to one, which makes the competition twice as fierce:

What is your favorite poll thread and why? :)

What about the Gant Poll? ;P

Oh Booo!

goes to look for a large, plush, d20 to throw at Phryne – the traditional pun-ishment for punning at the game tables Abs frequents

There should be a poll about poles. North vs. South.

I’d vote for that one.

The very first Mayor poll was the most fun. After that the “beating a dead horse vibe” began to creep in. However, I admire the folk who expressed their humor by choosing “(Click here to lose most of your SMEN progress.”).

Well, there wasn’t a &quotNone of them. Can we get over this silly polls and have discussions without them?

Polly wants a cracker.

– Mal

The best poll so far.

I do like the simulation elections, with all the theatrics of real-life elections, but since all the &quotparties&quot and candidates are fictional no one’s feelings should be hurt after a good old session of mud-slinging. We might have enough polls for now, though.

edited by John Moose on 6/20/2016

I much preferred the subtle, understated elegance of this poll