The Peaceful Study

For when the inflammatory salon becomes too inflammatory. A spacious room with book shelves, fossils, lepidopterology specimens, and a profusion of little tiger figurines. The books range anywhere from Thoreau, to Darwin, to Andrew Lang. (Actually, there might be quite a bit more Andrew Lang than anything else.) There’s a window overlooking a garden, and anyone who goes rifling through the drawers is bound to find a tin of flavored cigars. A phonograph in the corner can be induced to play a recording of Mrs. Plenty’s wolf choir.

Eglantine comes wandering in, looking tired, and settles into a comfortable chair, to get some peaceful reading done since there’s nobody as yet to talk to.

A woman dressed in a widows clothes enters &quotSorry… could I find a… local bible here?&quot[li]

Flesh-Stick: looks in at the room from the garden outside, then taps on the window

If I promise to be good and really really quiet, can I come inside? I miss the people from the salon.

Absimiliard blows through the Peaceful Study, though quietly. They simply come in, walk over to Agata and give her friendly hug.

Under their breath, &quotCan’t stay. Just wanted to say I’m glad to see you out and about again. Oh, and that I still think that in time we’ll both heal.&quot

The Curious Captain gives her another hug, then is off with a gentle swish of their skirts as they brush against the doorway.

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[quote=Kukapetal]Flesh-Stick: looks in at the room from the garden outside, then taps on the window

If I promise to be good and really really quiet, can I come inside? I miss the people from the salon.[/quote]

&quotYou were never exiled from the salon to begin with.&quot Lamia opens the window. &quotI can’t imagine anyone under the age of sixty calling someone a ‘handful’ and being serious about it. I didn’t mean for you to take it to heart. The only time I’ve ever asked someone to leave was when they tried to kill another guest, and then I let him back in anyway.&quot

Flesh-Stick: hops inside

Thank you, ma’m.

finds a comfy-looking endtable and curls up underneath it
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Ezekiel steps lightly into the room and looks around lightly, as if she is worried that merely her gaze will break this place.

When she sees Fleshy she tip-toes to the chair near the end table and gently sits down. “So… Urchins, am right?”

“You know what I hate? St John’s Lilies. Smug not so-little buggers. They’ll eat your pets and children. I think we should just go and exterminate the lot! Uproot and burn, uproot and burn!”
“Ezekiel, dear, what color is your fruiting bodies when they start to come up, usually? I think you might look darling with a nice cravat or neckbow that is color coordinated with the sprouting thingies.”

&quotMr. Poole. There should be some cryptozoology books on the bottom right shelf, by the window.&quot

(A squeal of joy is heard)

Flesh-Stick raises his head at the sound of a squeal, but his attention is immediately caught by the woman sitting next to him

woah…Ezekiel, you’re…different.

She responds to Bertrand first.

“Don’t grow flowers. Would be less useful as enforcer if covered in tulips.”

She looks down at Fleshy-kun. “Not so different. Why would be different?”

Flesh-Stick: You’re…a girl.

wonders just what was in that Black Wings Absinthe he drank earlier

“Sir spent nearly week of education trying to teach This One how to understand gender. Was not successful.” Ezekiel chitters quietly. “Cannot see very well, at least not the way humanlike do. Cannot smell human sex hormones, fortunately. Just took body Sir gave me.”

Eglantine smiles wryly. “Still yourself, then. Not a man, not a woman, no matter what shape you’re in. Yes?”

although Flesh-Stick secretly liked Ezekiel’s old body better, he also knows a girl Ezekiel is better than no Ezekiel at all

I’m glad you’re okay, Ezekiel. And I’m glad you’re here cause I wanted to apologize to you for yelling at you and pushing you when you were just trying to be nice to me. Sorry.

Also, do you like apple cider vinegar?

“The apples might feel funny, so yes. Also, Mournful One has no need to apologize. Subtlety of human expression is difficult to grasp for This One. Has become better since the hanging. Dying can change perspective.”

“This one feels like that is loaded question.” EZ fizzes happily at Eglantine. “But perhaps something to be found in it, all the same.”

Flesh-Stick: nah, you grasped it just fine. I was just being a butt.


pulls bottle of apple cider vinegar out of his pocket and presents it to Ezekiel with flourish

for you!

curls back up under the endtable

EZ takes the bottle with something approaching reverence and holds it in her good hand. “Sorry.” Silence for a moment. “Meant to say ‘many thanks’. People have been giving so much of this stuff, might manage to stay in this body for almost a year at current rate.”