The Pact's Servants (Flowerdene arc)

From the spires of the Bazar it is proclaimed: The insurgency must end.
At the shrines cloaked in irrigo it is written: The insurgency must end.
In the halls of cathedrals, it is preached: The insurgency must end.
Through the HQ’s of constables, it is ordered: The insurgency must end.
And, at last, in a warehouse, where a handful of the neath’s most dangerous denizens dwell, it is agreed: The insurgency will end.
Though the first among their order, the first among a certain family, is not yet in attendance, those who are there are ready. The plans will be drawn, the targets eliminated, and the orders given. This is the will of the Bazzarine Pact.
(Occ: This is the page for the Pact’s discussion of plans, mainly In character. If this is badly written/executed I’ll delete it, but if not: Let us begin, my bat-allied friends!)
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Vaustus lounges, on a throne made from broken furniture, at the center of the house. Behind him are a handful of Neddy men, armed with sticks. In front of him are the people who have are to take down the Insurgency.
“Ladies, gentlemen, others, may I have your attention?”
Vaustus grins like a skull.
“You know why we are here. I have been hired to be the go-between for you all,”
He gestures forward with a foot.
“And the leader of this who kebang. So, first bit of buisness,”
He stops smiling.
“What should we destroy first?”

Vaustus smiles broadly, pulls out a pistol, and shoots Mauvais in both knees.
“No hard feelings, preexisting orders.”
Vaustus says over the sound of M’s screams.
“Now, any ideas that AREN’T rubbish? Eli is guarded by more things then we can currently deal with.”

A figure leaning against the back wall resists the urge to roll her eyes at the question; the white raven gripping onto her shoulder shows no reaction, instead peering around the room at the others. Duty brings her here today, called from all sides of her life all the way into even her personal matters, but that doesn’t mean she has to like the battle she’s been dragged into. She does an admirable job of remaining casual, though choosing her words carefully. The Neddy Men in the back wouldn’t like to hear her actual proposal.

&quotWhatever it is, try not to balloon the ranks of that we’re fighting against by upsetting the residents.&quot She waves a hand dismissively. &quotPreventing this from being a tragedy revolutionaries can peddle with great success to otherwise apathetic citizens ought to be something to keep in mind, as the stability pact and all.&quot

With that she returns to silence, content having placed the matter on the table for the others to hopefully keep in mind while planning the violent aspects of this whole operation. Caldyr keeps an eye on the faces of the others, watching their expressions. If any share in her mentality she may be able to discuss her approach with them on the side. If not then it’ll be a solitary matter, undertaken in secret. Hopefully it won’t cause problems, she thinks, confidence wavering. Quelling insurrections is hardly something she has much experience with.

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“See? That’s what I mean. Ideas that aren’t rubbish!”
He shoots Sara his most winning smile.
“Perhaps we should begin by dismantling Eli’s power? Of course, to do that, we must determine where the majority of his power lies. Suggestions?”

Sara places a finger on her lips, considering. This wasn’t quite the response she was expecting, given the immediate suggestion of destruction and presence of Neddy Men. &quotCurrently? I think the majority of his power lies in those who are loyal to him. Which brings me to consider the alternative - dismantle his hypothetical power.&quot

She takes a brief pause to consider her next words carefully. &quotI think, and admittedly I’ve never done anything of this sort before so take it with a grain of salt, but I believe that the best way of doing that is to give the people of Flowerdene something to lose, should they join in the insurrection. Dying, perhaps permanently, isn’t such a bad prospect when life is hard to bear, and this goes double when you’re gambling it for a chance of improvement. Provide that without a fight and they’ll be less apt to get involved.&quot

She returns her thoughts to the original question, of where the majority of Eli’s power lies. Would it be Ezekiel? All she knows of him is that he lacks functional anatomy; it’d be a stretch to try to extend that into anything more substantial. Caldyr, feeling both more comfortable with the atmosphere of the place and tired of precariously balancing on Sara’s shoulder, relocates to an unoccupied chair. She gives up on her unsubstantiated beliefs regarding Eli’s friends, adding, &quotSo, should we take that approach, the question would be what improvements we ought to provide, and how.&quot

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Vaustus sighs.
&quotNo, no, no, no! That is exactly what we don’t want to do. When you wake up, you shall remain non-violent until called upon.&quot
With this, Vaustus shoots at Mauvais.

And misses.
He frowns.
He then proceeds to unload the rest of the chamber, all missing.
His frown deepens.
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“But yes, that is a very good idea Sara. Hypothetical power…”

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Silence overtakes the warehouse, as the others ponder the question. Sara steps away from the wall, and strides over to the chair upon which Caldyr is perched. She casually places her hands on the back of it, on both sides of the raven. Were this your average bird this might be startling, but Caldyr pays it no mind. &quotNot sure what Flowerdene needs?&quot She smiles at the question, almost as if pleased with this outcome. &quotI have an idea - let’s ask Eli.&quot

She gives the room a quick glance before going on, explaining her reasoning. &quotIf he’s leading an uprising then it’s plausible he’s aware of the problems within the area. At the very least he’s aware of who he most wants to help, the ones he would try to bring into this battle. Ask him who the needy are and what they need - materially - and he’s going to turn his thoughts to these people.&quot She pauses slightly, letting that sink in before moving on. &quotHe can either give us the information we need, or he can refuse to give the information we need.&quot She punctuates the word refuse with a hand flourish. &quotShould he prove unwilling to help those trying to aid the people of Flowerdene we can ask the regular people there what needs doing, mentioning that we asked Elias Lowe the same and that he wouldn’t help out. This sows seeds of doubt among the people, making them wonder if he just desires an army for his own agenda.&quot

She sits down in the seat, one hand settling across an arm and the other resting in her lap. Caldyr hops down to perch on the unoccupied arm of the chair. She gives the raven a fond glance before concluding her thoughts. &quotI’m sure he’ll help. He seems pretty genuine. We just need to appear equally so.&quot

A man in a military jacket enters the room, repeater rifle slung over his back. Three similarly dressed men enter the room and place themselves in direct lines of fire to any of the major characters, particularly Vaustus.

Face obscured with a red bandana, he approaches the ‘throne’ where Vaustus is seated.

Eli Lowe I turns to address the room. “This is a squalid gathering, held by agents of a festering system of corruption and nationalistic arrogance. You’re all exactly who I need.”

ELO turns to Vaustus and points to the general assembly. He speaks in a quiet voice, almost as if inviting resistance. “Move and stand with the others.”

ELO knocks over the pitifully arranged throne with a single kick when Vaustus stands. “The one thing clods like you could learn from Eli: unity is strength. Making a vanity show isn’t helping anyone. We stand together, we fight together… And then you can all pick the carcass clean together and get back to whatever it is you’re running here.”

He looks towards Sara. “Unblooded. Young. But intelligent and effective. Make your proposal and we shall listen.”