The Oldest Men in the Neath (Spoilers)

The recent chat between Mr. Pages, Mr. Wines, and the Gracious Widow included several intriguing tidbits of information. The following exchange particularly intrigued me:

Mr. Pages: “Who is the longest-lived person that you know of? Are they alive today? If not, who is the longest-lived still among us?”
Mr. Wines: “But if we’re discussing men, we would look to brass buttons and green masks. We most certainly would.”

Brass buttons seems a clear reference to the Manager of the Royal Beth, which makes a great deal of sense considering what we know of his history. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of anyone I’ve encountered with a green mask, though, and am drawing a blank. Does anyone know to whom Mr. Wines might be referring?

I’ve been wondering this myself. Who habitually wears a mask? Poor Edward, but his is red. The Masked Clay Man, who is certainly an enigma. Then it struck me - the Capering Relicker wears a wooden mask, adorned with horns and covered with moss like a pagan deity. He seems quite indecently ancient, and he seems to have some conflict running with the Widow over the peaches. I think he’s our man.
edited by Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook on 10/24/2012

Check out the capering relicker. Failure at trading a small collection of scraps, and success at recertifying an armful of scraps reference their mossy mask. And successfully recertifying a double-armload has something relevant… and take a note at the “something special” as well…

My thanks to you both for the illumination! That information is most interesting indeed. It looks as though our masked friend was in the very vicinity of the Temple of Eyes when it all began. I imagine he has quite a different perspective from the priest-king or Hundreds regarding all that has transpired…

Our masked reliker was the first to brew the Cider.The recent chat tells us nothing which had not already been assumed about the Gracious Widow, given her distinctive silhoutte, that would not be revealed in The Silver Tree. As for the surface question a straight answer would be nice. If surface currancy, spies, and my Aunt can come and go between Fallen London and the rest of the world then what is the surface aspect of London as seen by the remaining surface denizens? Is Surface London seen as abandoned like Kharakhorum, or destroyed, or unchanged? If Fallen London inhabitants can call on Surface friends for help then how is this reconciled within your story? To answer your question, yes I find this story interesting and will continue to follow it with the hopes that it is internally consistant and has a logical plot which makes sense. Be so kind as to not do me like the television show “Lost” or “The Soprano’s”.If this plot does somehow hold together then I look forward to someday reading the novel.

The interesting bit about that tidbit is that it seems from the Relicker’s words that he is unaware that the Masters are aware of his true identity and age.