The Numismatrix

I keep coming across cards where most of the options require some “spending secrets” which apparently are got from the Numismatrix. What I can’t find is how to get the Numismatrix in the first place. The wiki says you need to be “free of surface ties”. I don’t know whether I am or not (so probably aren’t). I’m at Watchful and Dangerous around 100. Persuasive and shadowy are low though as I’ve been hunting the Vake, so maybe that’s it…

I’m pretty sure I’ve never had the finishing surface ties card, and in my Story section, I have Recalling the surface: Dangerous 4 - memories of blood, Recalling the surface: Watchful 1 - the consulting detective, Recalling the surface: Shadowy 4 - dim memories, and Recalling the surface: Persuasive 4 - only memories.

Anyone know how I can be finished with the surface?

Seems to me that you have finished three out of four surface ties stories; you just need to draw a card related to Recalling the surface: Watchful.
It should be unlocked around 18 Watchful or something.

Once you got all four stories done, there’s a chance you will draw the Surface Ties: done with the Surface card, which give you the Free of Surface Ties quality.
After you get that quality you can go and talk to the Local Gossip in your Lodgings to start the Numismatrix story.
You will have to wait about two days before you can continue on the next step, then wait for another card to pick a faction to align to.

Thanks, but I now have watchful over 100. I’m not sure I will get the watchful surface ties card again…

Hmm, I spent today loitering in Ladybones Road in my Ridiculous hat, clutching my Bottled Oblivion, but got no Recalling the surface: Watchful cards. It does seem like I have bypassed the upper limit for getting them. I think I levelled up watchful quite quickly, and maybe missed getting these cards before. I can’t see any other way to get them, as I can’t lower my Watchful quality any lower. Any other ideas?

On the one hand, it is just one card you’re waiting for, so luck may or may not be with you. If you’re concerned about bypassing the upper limit, I’d send a bug report. Free of Surface Ties unlocks some significant content, so it shouldn’t be possible to lose it forever.

Thanks for the reply. I actually got the card the next time I logged in! So I guess it was just bad luck that I didn’t get it all this time.

I am now wondering too. I met her once. But to get Mark of Credit Page, don’t I need her too? And, she is nowhere to be found.

The mark of credit you can get from the Numismatrix once your ‘counting the days’ property reaches a certain level, a card comes up which is basically the conclusion of counting the days. One of the things you can choose is a mark of credit.