The New Economy and its exchange rates-- a guide?

Hello all! Since the economy’s update brought the ability to combine items to make new items, I’m curious as to whether anyone has written up a guide as to exactly what the combinations result in and how much of it. Some sort of a table would be extremely useful for someone working their way up the tiers. Such as, hypothetically, someone who wants to get ahold of a Cellar of Wine and would like some idea as to what quantity of Greyfields 1882 would be needed overall, if one were to go that route.

Ok, so my hypothetical situation isn’t so hypothetical. I’m currently trying to join the Young Stags and the only thing I don’t have are the Cellars of Wine. But I think my question goes beyond my current selfish desire! None of the wikis (or at least, neither of the two I know about) seem to have been updated since the economy’s… update, and I think this information would be very helpful for people who want to know if they should sell their 310 jade now or hang onto it for crafting purposes.

Do you mean something like this?

If you click on the single items it will direct you to the item page, with the description of the available actions and relative outcome, including how many items are spent/used and how many of the resulting one are gained/produced.
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Yes! Thank you! That is exactly what I was looking for! Apparently my google-fu is weak today.

And with that help, I’ve discovered that 5 Cellars of Wine = 3750 Greyfields 1882. Not too bad, really, when it comes down to it. Thanks again!

… Now I’m going to be figuring out all top-tier-to-bottom-tier rates all night, aren’t I?

heh, got timed out while typing out my answer, so will try to sum up what I had written and remember to write in a worddoc next time I’m that verbose. Basically, I did the math and found that trying to get Cellars of Wine via the Sidestreets is prohibitively expensive. Buying 1 Sidestreet Cellar costs 20 Strangling Willows and 200 Morelways. That converts to 300 Morelways, and further down to 1,500 Greyfields. You can item-convert 10 cellars with the Greyfields it takes to purchase 4 Cellars via the sidestreets!

Wait, just glanced again and it’s 25 willows, not 20. (though that makes it MORE expensive, not less)
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Also, if you have access to the Velocipede Squad, you can easily amass a lot of Cellars of Wine, since one option at the end of each cycle gives you a whopping 7 bottles of Broken Giant. Four cycles and you’ll have enough to convert to 5 Cellars.