The need of a peculiar skull & a patron's assistan

hello my deliciously flabbergasting fellow’s.

Today, I can’t extand my searches no further or wait no more to put my hands on a delicious eyeless skull !
Fate is calling me to nadir’s cave, and this rare artifact remains the sole obstacle to my latest expedition!
I would be devilishly grateful for someone’s riddance of such an item!

Also, as my needs were not given a proper answer on another topic, I’m still seeking a gentle lady patroness or a patron to help me progress through this dark environment !

My style and observation skill over 100 un helped didn’t give me time to develop my ferocious or sneaky habilités which remain around 74 and 56 respectively.
help on these notice would be hugely appreciated.

Add AguSky as a delicious friend!let’s run together in honey fields!

i’m sorry fellows, but i have to insist.
Who wanna get rid of his nightmares ?

if i really may insist !

Check your message; it might help.

thank you Estelle !