The Neath's Mysteries

Who would be willing to explore the mysteries of the neath with me? I have all four lines unlocked, so if you have a preference we could go that route. Otherwise, I’d be inclined to go down the path of the Eyes of Icarus

Feel free to send me an invitation to the play for Eyes of Icarus :)

Okay, I sent the invite.

Like hell I know what’s going on here, but I’m always open to experimentation ^^

Uh, sure, why not? Mysteries are always fun.

I guess I’m interested? I’m not really sure what this is…

I only had one of these cards, sorry! It was entitled “The Neath’s Mysteries” and had options for each of the mystery lines (Falling Cities, Fingerwork, Eyes of Icarus, and Approaching the Gates of the Garden)

Ooh. Was it unlocked by something in particular?

Just an FYI, my main reasoning for the request was to fill up the wiki page from the other end. Hopefully other folks who get it can check out the other mysteries :)

OK, I’ll avoid the Eyes of Icarus and peruse different storylines if I’ll have the chance, and report the outcomes here.

The information necessary, by the way, is the message you get when you send it out (On the page right after), the text in your message box when it lies unaccepted (Both for the sender and sendee) and the text in your message tab when accepted (both for sender and sendee)

If this is going to turn into a general offers thread, I’d accept requests for Eyes of Icarus or Falling Cities.

On the note of Falling Cities, has anyone had any kind of story from that card? There’s a decent reward for a PoSI, and I understand that those who haven’t started it can become one of Mr. Pages’ Reliables, but unlike Icarus, Fingerwork and the Garden, I haven’t seen any kind of story come of this yet. My Falling Cities keeps rising from various things, but I’ve not yet found anything to spend it on.

I’ll chip in for the general participation as well, although I’ve only had the one card so far. And make an attempt to post options, follow-up text, and rewards.