The most interesting woman in the Neath

Death visited her; she made him tea and they chatted over scones.
A devil once sold her his soul.
She finished an unfinished man.
She found what was in the East of the Zee.
She fed the Starveling cat once. Now he’s jsut the cat.
She remembers Irrigo.
She’s a dog person. The Duchess still invites her to tea twice a week.
She doesn’t have an entry in Mrs Slowcakes exceptionals; she has her own volume.
When she studies the Correspondence, It cools her down.
When she took up Jacks Knives, Jack turned into her.
She doesn’t always lie, but when she does, you always believe her.
She is…The most interesting woman in the Neath.

The one about the Starveling Cat is my favourite!

But does she drink Dos Equis?

– Mal

[quote=malthaussen]But does she drink Dos Equis?

– Mal[/quote]

In the Neath it is Siete Equis.

The Starveling Cat!
The Starveling Cat!
Fed by Arabella Gray
And that was that![li]
edited by Lady Sapho Byron on 7/9/2016