the moon is drowning while i sleep

Anyone else familiar with that fairytale?

I keep thinking of it when I visit Hunter’s Keep – something about the tales the sisters tell as they, the associations of Phoebe with the herbs of resurrection (tho maybe that’s more Egyptian?), and the bogie-like maid put me in mind of it.

I’m not exactly familiar with it, but I read about it for the first time here: The comic itself is funny, but it seems to be on indefinite hyatus since forever T.T

I know, right? I originally heard of the fairy tale through the Charles de Lint short story. It’s in his anthology Dreams Underfoot, which is part of his Newford series, a series of retold fairy tales centered around an increasingly sinister North American city. .

Anyways: the moon/light trapped in the well at Hunter’s Keep always puts me in mind of it. I’m just not sure how Lucy fits in, except that the maid seems to back the hell off when she’s around.