The Missionary and the Firebrand?

I just completed the Cave of the Nadir for the first time, and apparently there’s supposed to be a storylet in the Forgotten Quarter which lets me recruit one of them as a companion? I haven’t found the storylet, is there something I need to do to make it appear?

From memory, you need to draw and play one (or two?) of their cards while in the Nadir, which advances their story quality.

Which one did you side with when you woke up and saw the Missionary standing there with a knife?

Hmm, maybe I was tired and didn’t notice it, but I’m not sure anything triggered when I exited the Nadir. I did play one of the cards (for the Missionary) while in the cave.

Did you exit the cave fairly early on or did you stay until your irrigo got so high you were forced to leave? I think the storylet only shows up if you have high irrigo levels.

That might be it, I left with only 5 irrigo. I can try and push it higher next week when I’m allowed back inside.

I left Nadir with 5 Irrigo when I got my Firebrand. What are your &quotIntimate with a Revolutionary Firebrand&quot and &quotIntimate with a Secular Missionary&quot values? There is a chance that you got the event, but resolved it in a manner that gets you none of them.
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You need to have both the Missionary and the Firebrand values above 20 in order to activate the storylet in question. And either of the cards inside the Nadir that feature one of those characters will set both qualities above 20. If your qualities are lower than 20, you should still be able to draw those cards in the Nadir.

Actually… the two cards are not symmetrical. Yesterday I had the opportunity to see that they work exactly as described in the wiki: I first got the &quotSpeak to the Missionary&quot, which set my &quotIntimate with a Secular Missionary&quot quality to 21 (from 16) and my &quotIntimate with a Revolutionary Firebrand&quot quality to 16 (from 15). Immediately afterwards I got the &quotSpeak to the Firebrand&quot card, which was now possible because it required an &quotIntimate&quot value of 16-19. This one set my &quotIntimate with a Revolutionary Firebrand&quot quality to 21 and the corresponding Missionary quality to 20, reversing the effects of the previous card—well, sort of.

This was a bit jarring, not least because of the text of the qualities and of the cards themselves: both cards ended with the observation that neither of the two likeable idiots could be seen, presumably because they were outside fighting. It also felt like something of a cheat, because it would be impossible to use the cards in the reverse order, and indeed, I could find the Firebrand’s card only having already used the Missionary’s card. I suspect one is not really supposed to get both cards, and that I need to file a bug report about this. Any comments?
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UPDATE: This has been fixed now.
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