The Mercies.

What are these enigmatic tomb colonist? I noticed you needed to be associated with them for a story choice. Is this some content that can only be accessed in a fate-locked area or have I just not been to the colonies in a while?

You can meet them in the Tomb-Colonists connection card, though it’ll cost you and it’s not a sure bet even then. What story choice required their acquaintance?

For the 5 Fate option to instantly draw a Connection card of the player’s choice, you need them as an acquaintance since they’re your escorts. I wonder what sort of profession the Tomb Colonists offer since none of the current offerings seem to entirely fit their image. I’m eagerly anticipating its introduction!

I’ve mentioned before than I’m surprised that they didn’t get Rat-Catcher, given that they’re one of the established Dangerous factions, and one which would be particularly keen to keep vermin from nibbling their bandages, their candles, and their particularly elderly and immobile relatives!

While we are at it, do you need to do anything, once you get your Profession, or do you just wait a week for the first reward?

The first round of rewards come without us having to do anything. That may change in the future, but we don’t know for sure yet. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some weekly task to carry out.

Good sir, what sort of dimwitted rats would nibble Tomb Colonists? Regular rats are clever and the Rattus Faber variety give a Grubby Kitten pause. I’m having difficulty even imagining the desperation of a rat going so far for sustenance as to nibble such hazardous people and items. I own Mourning Candles and I’m severely doubtful as to whether they’re safe to light, much less consumption.

I’m not saying that rats haven’t tried to take a morsel from a Tomb Colonist here and there. It’s just that such rats wouldn’t live long after the fact. Besides, you never get one rat. The others in the vicinity would know to wisely avoid the colonists after the first unfortunates are exterminated. Mercy to the ones who would snack on Feducci!

I have an alternate account who’s focused on the Nemesis ambition. He has zero points in Ruthless and a moderately high Magnanimous. He’s a nice guy. He’s saving most of his “tender mercies” for the one(s) responsible for the death of his brother. He’s aligned with the Tomb Colonists and I’m sure he’d appreciate an Undertaker profession. There are few true deaths in the Neath, so I suppose an undertaker would change with the times for the sake of business. A few duties off the top of my head:

  • Soothing the physical and mental traumas of those who have temporarily taken rides on a slow boat on a silent river
  • Ensuring rides on aforementioned boat are permanent rather than temporary
  • Introducing prospective recruits to the Tomb Colonists

What a marvellous idea! I’d adore for us to have some inroad into the medical profession - it would work at every level, from itinerant sawbones to respectable consultants. Ditto, say, law and engineering - pursuits with established presences in London already, just as the new Professions have Doubt St, the Labyrinth, the Calendar Council, the various criminal interests, and so forth.

Hear, hear, I too would enjoy pursuing medicine, law and engineering! A character with advanced knowledge in all those fields could act as either bane or balm to whoever they choose.

The professions seem to require sensible faction ties, though. The medical and counseling aspects of an Undertaker can be aligned with either the Tomb Colonists, the Church or the Constables. Surely, ambitious detectives would appreciate an expert of mangled bodies. An Undertaker’s field bag could contain hypodermic needles and syringes, scalpels, bandages, and bottles of Cantigaster venom, morphine, laudanum and cosmetics (both lead-lined and lead-free versions, of course).

A Barrister could be useful for the Constables but possibly more for Society. I haven’t personally witnessed my Wry Functionary friend at work with compromising documents and such, but I have heard rumors of the splendid effects he has on scandal and suspicion for those of a certain rank in certain circles.

An Engineer would be pursued by both factions of the University and the Revolutionaries. I guess it largely depends on what’s being crafted and invented.

Excellent ideas all! The Constables could certainly make use of the coronial side of medicine, and I’m sure would work in close collaboration with public prosecutors. I dare say engineers would find much work in the shipyards and factories of the Docks, too! It’s a shame (if you’ll forgive me returning to a personal hobby horse) that the Orient is so underdeveloped - aside from the monks of the Mysterious Benefactor storyline, we meet few of Fallen London’s Asian population bar the Widow’s smuggling-gang, and consequently have next to no idea what professions would suit them.

My Nemesis alt has taken on the Watcher profession. He’s quite happy to work with the Constables. He believes he’ll gain valuable experience and learn fantastic new methods for unraveling mysteries of a criminal nature. He plans to forge a friendly acquaintance with the Implacable Detective. He’s also posing as a wretched bum soaked with cat pee in the dark corners of Fallen London every dang day. His social life was already lackluster but now it’s also assaulted with dreadful stench. I hope he achieves career advancement soon. It’s possible that professions will evolve. Maybe something like Smelly Alley Bum → Frequently Harassed Patrolman → Ridiculed Junior Detective → Savaged Special Constable.

Yes, the Docks could benefit from being buddy-buddy with an engineer! Someone talented at designing steam engines, zubmarines and spiderproof clothing! The dockers could be employed as builders and crewmen. They would see tremendous boosts to their part of the economy. Mr Fires might even be persuaded to raise their wages enough to rid them of the idea of forming strikes.

Were those guys really monks?? I played through that storyline on an alt and now that I know (slightly) more about the Orient faction, I’m even more confused when I think back on the monks. In my mind, I have tentatively labeled them as Asian spies that do not necessarily work for Asian countries of the Surface. The only plausible reason my inquisitive character has for not chasing the monks is his fondness for the fancy bowler hat they gave him. I think Watcher would work for the Orient.

Like you, I am vastly curious about the Orient faction. I don’t know who’s in it other than the Gracious Widow and her band of smugglers. They might be called the “Orient” faction, but the Fourth City has been in the Neath for hundreds of years. Maybe the current Asian Surface countries have little or no ties with the Gracious Widow. Haven’t several Asian dynasties risen and fallen since the Surface days of the Fourth City? Would they even care for a former power like the Gracious Widow? Outside of her tasty peach brandy, anyway. And what happened to the citizens of the Fourth City? There might be a Neathy “Orient” equivalent we have yet to meet at zee, such as colonies on the Elder Continent established by the former ruler of the Fourth City.

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Even detectives of the highest order still have use of an unpleasant disguise - observe, for instance, Sherlock Holmes’ involvement in the Scandal in Bohemia, among others! As for the monks, I have no idea - though the fact that the disciple could be bought suggests that, if they were spies, they weren’t well-paid or -equipped. It’s entirely possible that they were genuine ascetic scholars - after all, the Neath has sinister mysteries enough for the spiritual and the worldly alike.

The destinations visible when zailing suggest that there is some Oriental presence in the Neath - but there’s so much we don’t know about the world below. Are all humans living there the descendants of cities claimed by the Bazaar? Or are there other ways to the Neath, and lands that have never known the Masters’ rule?

Truthfully, I am highly amused by the Watcher’s grotesque disguise. It also reminds me of good ole Holmes! It was one of the key factors for my decision to make the Nemesis alt a Watcher while he waits for the uncovering of the Tomb Colonist profession. I believe the disguise is rather apt for the task of spying from street corners. The aggressive smell alone would lower the risk of being distracted on a job by encounters with muggers, pickpockets and other unsavory types. On most of the streets of Fallen London, you’d easily merge with its seething mass of impoverished and downtrodden inhabitants. Are we not Adrift on a Sea of Misery? I hope the Constable profession offers a way for my character to improve social conditions.

I feel the Constables’ path should be a rugged one strewn with multiple traps and a few lovelies to remind you that it isn’t all bitter barbs. Have you ever met a jolly Constable? Especially the Special sort? Anyhow, I would love to become a Special Constable solving difficult cases for the Ministry of Public Decency. As the Cheery Man has implied, other than those who seize racy books, there are those who keep the face eaters and menacing night whispers off the streets. Working as the latter should prove to be oodles of fun! By “fun”, I mean frequent sessions with a surgeon and a therapist. Generally and honestly, I don’t believe being a copper is a happy job but it can be incredibly worthwhile.

I suspect that well-dressed, tattooed lady was trying to buy the apprentice spy monk to her side of the Great Game. My Orient connection increased as I aided the senior monk. I figured the tattooed lady was trying to buy the apprentice monk’s secrets along with his skills. I would enjoy seeing them again! I’ve always wanted a continuation for the Mysterious Benefactor storylines. I liked each mentor and their respective epilogues are of great interest to me, especially the ones related to Watchful and Persuasive.

One of my Silver Tree endings involved falling with the Fourth City to the Neath. In that one, the Khan had keen ideas for conquering the rest of the Neath. Perhaps he succeeded with a portion of the Elder Continent? Jade is listed under the “Elder” category and the Orient faction has a seemingly unending supply of it. It also seems probable that the Gracious Widow’s supply of exquisite peaches come from that continent. But maybe the Widow simply has a contract with the other denizens of the continent. Anyway, if the Khan did conquer part of the Neath, some of its human and nonhuman denizens might have been assimilated into his Neathy kingdom – the romantic concept of a ruler’s influence extending beyond his living years, conquering his environment rather than letting it conquer him. I like the idea of Elder beasts robed in fine silk cloths, idly practicing calligraphy and sipping tea at their leisure. The original “Oriental” humans of the Khan’s time might not be around but their culture could still exist within others. :)

It’s odd how we haven’t encountered a vast population of humans from the previous cities. Well, that might be why the Bazaar chooses a new city – most of the citizens of the former cities permanently died out.

The Masters and the Bazaar are not omnipotent. There should be lands and creatures that have not known the Masters’ rule, but that doesn’t exclude lesser influence. Whether such lands and creatures shall welcome our characters’ entries is a different matter. Then again, when has a lack of invitation ever stopped our intrepid characters? …Oh, right, there was that one time we waited for an invite to the Ambassador’s Ball.