The Mayor of London: vote here!

Are we electing our Lord Mayors now? How very… colonial.

[quote=an_ocelot]Awww, you’re so sweet to include me! Thank you.

(Vote for me, I’m too busy to make trouble.)[/quote]
Or, you know: &quotvote for me, and you’ll get a sip of immortality Cider&quot :-)

How do we not have “an Over/Über/Heptagoat” as an option?

That would have been a good one, Vavakx. Unfortunately, I can’t add anything to the poll. (Also it would be unfair.) Maybe I should have started with a nomination thread.

Chris Gardiner has a Clay avatar! That sort of counts? Maybe?

[quote=Chris Gardiner][color=#ff9900]It is important to know that I would make a brilliant mayor.[/color]
[color=#ff9900]And if I am not elected I will rewrite Fallen London into My Little Pony slashfic so fast your heads will pop like solacefruit.[/color][/quote]

It’s official! Rainbow pony magical flying mounts are coming to the game. I look forward to flying across the elder continent on top of a shimmering horse that has long feminine eyelashes.

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The Soft-Hearted Widow, who shall single handily solve the problem of homelessness and malnutrition without breaking a sweat

Pay no heed to mayoral election posters on the insides of wells! The unctuous voice drifting up from that delicious dark water is not an approved candidate!

Since there have been so many great nominations since I made the poll, I will make a second round in a day or two with the three highest candidates of this round and all the new nominees. So go ahead and nominate people! I personally nominate Spacemarine9 and, in light of the remarks about missing representation, the Albino Rat, the Rattus Faber Bandit Chief and the Clay Poet.

Thank you very much for your kind nomination. If elected, I will institute protections for our most vulnerable workers, I will implement safety measures for travellers on our streets, and I will re-militarise the Royal Portrait Gallery!


the seekers are out in force tonight

But, good sir, surely the answer is obvious: support Doctor Taupe-Wainscot! An Ordinary Man for Extraordinary Times!

A clear attempt to split the rat vote!

Surely a vote for Spacemarine9 is a vote for all rats… and rats for all?

My Connected has gotten so high I’ve started a mayoral campaign without even knowing about it?

This is worse than that time they tried to make me Governor.

[quote=Estelle Knoht]Nomination:

The Soft-Hearted Widow, who shall single handily solve the problem of homelessness and malnutrition without breaking a sweat[/quote]

Might I suggest the addition of Ms. Estelle Knoht to the next list of candidates? Should she assume the post, I suspect we would all dwell in a delightful state of mayhem. Much like a little institutionalised version of the Iron Republic. Also, goats.

I am surprised to see my absence.
Perhaps I have paid too much attention to you. Perhaps there is more.
And yet I cannot begin to imagine taking my gaze off what you are, what you offer.
I will be your Mayor. Not London’s, perhaps. But yours.

Considering how long a certain someone’s reckoning has been postponed, I think it only fair they be granted the entire city to do with as they please upon triumphant return.

After all, what is the worst that could happen, no? I, for one, welcome the return of our macabre overlord.

Vote The Bishop of Southwark!

Free booze and suplexes!

Of course my vo-THE SUN. THE SUN. THE SUN. THE SUN.