The Maid

What…on earth…is that maid on Hunters Keep? My God, that woman has em on the edge of my seat. She certianly is peculiar…but I don’t think humans are [color=#ffffff]capable of eating glim, do you? [/color][color=#000000]That…woman is the biggest enigma I’ve found in the neath.[/color]

Something classical, knowing the Keep. Her eyes, well, that’s the sign of a deviless… she has the traditional smoked glasses to hide them, but doesn’t trouble to wear them. And we don’t know if it’s she who eats, or the thing below…

Rubbery People are capable of eating glim. I’ve … no idea what that could signify.

Well, actually, if really glim is insect chitin, it would be no wonder that it could be edible: entomophagy is actually a common practice for humans in several parts of the world. Or maybe this particular insect parts are not edible by humans, but Rubbery People are able to metabolize it? Anyway, not a long shot.

Well, those who saw the wonders of Flute Street know that the Rubberies would be up to creating a “Rubbery Monster”…

Banshee. Got to be.

There is a woman who you may meet late on in the Light Fingers Ambition who eats glim. Granted, she’s insane, and granted, there’s the sidebar about the person who rendered glim down and whose cats tasted it, driving them mad too. But for what it’s worth, she was human and was eager to eat glim.