The Lighthouse [SMEN Spoilers]

Anyone that has went through SMEN - and some curious folk who have not but dig around doom too much - know that on a certain island lies a Well and also a Lighthouse. Now, the lighthouse offers a very intriguing snippet which basically costs 12 notability (or less, on certain seasonal occasions). I am dying to know what words are hidden behind that action, but since I am doing this on a low BDR alt (again) I don’t really want to grind out 12 notability more than necessary… Is there perhaps anyone that has indeed sacrificed a non-existing candle in order to go into the lighthouse? If so, I would love to see an echo of it, or perhaps just a shortcut to it in spoiler brackets!
Thank you all in advance, you roasted merry gentlemen!

Here: Fallen London
I’m currently grinding to get that candle back, by the way, but hey, I gave my consent to every misery I will have to endure,
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And with that you saved me from days of grinding. Thank you!..Just, be careful with your choice when you reach what you’re looking for. Remember what Virginia once muttered: Sometimes the pleasure of looking for something is the bigger reward than what you get when you grab it.
God roast ye, merry gentleman. Good luck.