The Key to Your Future

I’m relatively new to FL (almost a year, but seeing as there are some real veterans on the forums I’ll admit I know nothing) and I’m not sure if this question has been asked before on the forums, but what’s going on with the qualities that claim &quotThis may ultimately be the key to your future&quot? So far I only have Hellfarer and Empire’s Kingmaker, so if there are others feel free to list them, but my main question is whether they do anything yet, or if the consequences are yet to be included in the game?
edited by Edmund Blackadder on 12/23/2016

Currently, none of the qualities that say that lead to any big stories, &quotEmpire’s Kingmaker&quot offers a very good way to make money after you get it up a bit but that’s basically it. (And to be more specific, Hellfarer doesn’t do anything).

Another one I vividly remember earning was the Bringer of (true) Death. I killed Captain Vendrick during a Black Ribbon duel.

Hellfarer at 10 unlocks 2 destinies, depending on a choice that I think is within the Empyrean Redolence storyline. Making that choice gives you a lot of Hellfarer as well, I think. The only other way to get it is fidgeting writer, I think.

I have Hellfarer, Fist of the Bazaar, Empire’s Kingmaker, and A Bringer of Death. I think there’s at least one more, iirc.