"The Keen-Eyed Lapidary" shining in absence

From the Wiki I have gleaned this card starts to spawn as of Watchful 30. Now, 30-odd Watchful levels later, and having spent some time at the (fate-locked) races I FINALLY have the baubles needed for the Bejewelled walking stick. Now (s)he doesn’t seem to want appear anymore the last few weeks.

Is it a location-locked card or does it have a max Watchful limit?
For once, I hope it’s just fickle Mr. Chance picking on me again…

The glim-guzzling lady will appear again at some point. Once she stops asking you favors her visits seem to become FAR less frequent though.
Worry not. No location- or stat-locked shenanigans are in effect, just luck.

I seem to be meeting her a lot, though I haven’t quite been able to provide what she asks for yet. My Watchful is mediocre, but she is around somewhere.

Maybe I should stop keeping one in hand and see if it runs off to you ;)