The Iron Republic

I recently got everything I need to go the place, the question is, do I need anything else inside of it?

Should I bring some other things for it? Please, try not to spoil the place as much as possible, thank you in advance :).

Depends on if you’re there for the nemesis ambition or not. If not, you don’t need anything.

Given the fact that the devils are what passes for the law in that place, you might want to liquidate any souls you’ve stockpiled before you make your trip.

Certain qualities and items are used for checks so people looking to grind something specific should make sure in advance they have what they need. For a first visit though there’s no real necessary preparation to make. Just know that all the maze of options and storylets eventually lead to Day 40; taking the first option there sends you back to the start of the Republic so you can take multiple paths without having to repeatedly zail back. The other two options on Day 40 lead onwards with no subsequent way to loop back so choosing either means you’ll soon be forced to leave. You can return at any point but it requires getting to your destination again.