The Interpreter of Dreams

You can ask the Interpreter of Dreams for help with courage, physical ailments, confidence, nightmares, or, for some fate, nightmares & wounds - the deal is that it “will reduce your dream quality slightly, but may provide other benefits”, and also seems to cost some Phosphorescent Scarabs.

My query is; is this worth it? It seems as though it’s likely to entail a reduction of menaces, but I prize my dream qualities quite highly since they take so long to build up, and Phosphorescent Scarabs are one of the harder-to-find commodities of the Neath, at least at my stat level (though you can buy them), so it seems like a bit of a losing deal?

I never asked for help by dr. Schlomo for that reason exactly. The “Investigating doctor Schlomo” card, on the other hand, is a viable Nightmare reductor with no counterindications if you’re at Nigthmares 3 or more.

Hmm! I haven’t come across the Investigate Dr Schlomo card yet, I shall look out for it, thank you :]

It also gives you a couple of options for a Watchful test, giving respectively 55x and 60x Cryptic clue.

Investigate Doctor Schlomo card is unlocked at watchful 105, with the reduction option being straightforward at 135 or so, if my memory serves.

The funny thing is, if this ONLY cost dreams, then the cards MIGHT be somewhat useful, as the dreams qualities technically don’t have any tangible benefits (except stormy-eyed and sorta the case with death by water). However, reducing a difficult to raise quality AND costing a whopping 4 echoes worth of goods… the rewards just aren’t up to snuff

And even if it only costed dreams, there’s always the fourth dimensional thinking: as much as dreams currently are only a source of cryptic images, we can’t be sure they won’t become necessary to get something… IN THE FUTURE!!! XD

It could also be useful to deliberately loose some dream levels so you can redo them in case you forgot some specifics and didn’t think to echo it to your journal. Yes you can just hit up one of multiple wikis for the information, but we all know that’s cheating.