The Intense Notary Preserves Delicious Words!

Why should not divers studies,
at divers hours, delight,
when the variety is able alone
to refresh and repair us?
(Ben Jonson)

Over time, all delicious words will inevitably be eaten by the Jamlords***
Inevitably? Not if I can do something about it!

(***Jamfall: A Serio-Comic Epic)

Welcome to an archive of things that DID happen!

The Intense Notary works for Baseborn & Fowlingpiece, but she has a separate office of her own.
She is in the business of recording names
…and if she can keep track of all marriages, ships, salons and newspapers in Fallen London, she can d–n well keep track of this forum! ;)

First of all, take a look at this: Screenshots of FL’s early days! Awww, such a sweet little darling!

The Mysteries tab has made two appearances fo far. Its first installment closed in Feb 2014 and players were rewarded with as much Fate as they had entered correct(ish) answers. You can read through those questions and answers here:
The Mysteries Answered / The Mysteries Digested

I must say I found the official answer to Why are there no foxes in Fallen London? rather disappointing after reading this. Really, that should’ve been it!

The second time round, in 2018, we were rewarded with an in-game currency called Regnant Coins. Once again, no one player got all the answers right:
The Mysteries Reavealed, Again

Here’s one of FL’s most antique players reminiscing…

… and here’s the tale of NiteBrite and the Seven Übergoats!

Can’t get enough of Neathy lore? Here’s some speculation deluxe with Mysteries for Advanced Students and Little Secrets.

And if you’re interested in the history and archaeology of Fallen Cities, you might actually want to read all the way through this huge old thread. Honestly, I probably learned more reading that than in all the History I had in school!

Celebrating the words of FL:
FL improved my vocabulary / Delicious, delicious words / Only heard in FL…

Influences (proposed or real) on FL:
Books / Comics / Everything

Meet the Immortals.

The Ghost of Ratmas Past! A quaint tradition of the Neath:
2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 (1) - 2016 (2) - 2017 - 2018

Before Ambition Enigma, there was a river in a box.
No, I’m not going to explain that.

We also had sunlight, once. Or something like it.

Sundry enjoyable diversions, and weird Neathysms found in the real world:
Casting Fallen London - The Movie
TiKToK - Fallen London Style
The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello
The Masters’ Gallery of Singular Equipment
Parabola Beer! / Mushroom Beer
Mapping Fallen London - comparing Surface geography with the Neath
Best of Calling Cards & Social Actions
Neathy sciences, sorted
Meet Dr Taupe-Wainscot, the Dullest Individual in Fallen London!
A Correspondence Dictionary
Beautiful Letters of Rejection
Fallen Swindon!
Prisoner’s Honey is real! / Prisoner’s Honey, again… / …and Red Honey, too
Witty Neathy pick-up lines!
A Spider-Council in Baltimore!
Feeling lonely? Try Neathy Speed-dating!
Read this BEFORE getting a FL tattoo!
Marriage in FL is too realistic!
Dreams/nightmares of Fallen London? You’re not alone!
The many newspapers of Fallen London
The Bazaar’s Privy
The Russian Dawn Machine
What are those Midnighters up to?
A real Ray-Drenched Cinder!
The Dangers of Victorian Couture
a part of Victorian London that was actually Neathy!
on the importance of coffee
The God-Eaters!
Victorian Christmas Cards - oh my, those were pretty weird times…

Useful role-play threads:

featuring various useful threads from Mr Pages’ Fabularities, with information about role-players and their characters:
What brings you to the Neath? (Backstory & Goals)
Describe your character’s appearance!
A Directory of RPers
London is home to many authors, good and bad ones, sane and mad ones.
Now that we’ve made our names…
London Pet Registry (mandatory for lawful citizens!)
A Portrait of Your Character!
A Biography of Your Character!

Thank you so much for finding this! I’ve been looking for something like that for ages! I love the style of the early map, they should’ve kept that (though I guess it would’ve become quite crowded once more areas were added).

Also, I do remember most of the other threads you’ve listed. This makes me feel old… ;)

Brava! Now all that is needed is for this thread to be pinned, so its timeless record will not, itself, be lost in time!

– Mal

Uh, lovely thread that I didn’t even know it existed! Thumbs up for the effort and result of your research!

I remember there being a thread about what pre-fall names FL locations had, for things like streets and bridges and what-have-you. Sadly, I cannot find it, and I think that it would be a welcome addition to the list if someone could, indeed, recover it from the archives.

Found it, Vavakx! :)

Thank you, Phryne. Needed it for a bit of my RP (private stuff. Won’t be on the forums), but I still think this is exactly the sort of thing that needs to be around here.

I think the food topics should have their own categories xDD

This was (and still is, for a little while) StoryNexus:
On StoryNexus, everyone could build their own game - but it’s no longer supported. Failbetter nearly went bankrupt a few years ago and decided to put SN in indefinite maintenance mode. This, coupled with the end of monetization for developers, meant that many games got stuck mid-development. But they’re all still online and are now entirely free-to-play with unlimited actions! Many of them are very very interesting and you should think about spending some of your time exploring them - especially now that The End ™ has been signalled and time is really running out!

official, completed Failbetter releases:
The Silver Tree - Historical - Info - FL prequel, official part of Neathy lore!
The Night Circus - Fantasy - Info - Em Short review
Cabinet Noir - Historical - Info - Gamezebo review

polished games:
Zero Summer - Post-Apocalyptic - Info - Em Short review pt.1 / pt.2
Below - Fantasy - Info - Em Short review
Lethophobia - Drama/Fantasy - Info - Em Short review
The Thirst Frontier - Science-Fiction - Info
Rat Sending Simulator 2kXX - Comedy - Info
The Annwn Simulation 1985 - Fantasy - Info
Locked Code - Archaeology - my review
Winterstrike - Science-Fiction - Em Short review - my review
Brexit - Comedy - Info

unfinished, but still recommended:
Cryptic Stitching - Fantasy - Info
Knightly Tales - Fantasy - Info
Maelstrom - Fantasy - Info
Magic Sushi - because it’s just incredibly sweet! :)
Shadows over Santharia - Fantasy - Info
Samsara - Historical - Em Short review - my review

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There are still ruins of Echo Bazaar in the official website!
You could add these somewhere:

Some linked pages.

Poor old players, with their tiny limited candle.

An old version of the broken page.

This is probably where Amber Carnival Tokens came from.

Randomly reading through NiteBrite’s story of Heptagoat, and
I come across this comment by Passionario

““Heptagoat” is an anagram of “Teapot Hag”. So look for the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner.”

He knew all along.

Mr Cups’ favourite tumblers:
(being a compilation of Neathy tumblr sites)

An Obsidian Well (they are gone forever)
Brite Times (the Curious Clothier)
Deep. Dark. Marvellous.
Delicious Friends
The Drawing Room (the Masters Portrait Project and more)
Eglantine Fox (Sweetbriar Rose of the Neath)
Failbetter Games (official)
Falkberg’s Zubmarine
The Fallen Flock (the Cryptic Birds)
I’m a Candle (huge archive of Neathy lore, but no longer updated!)
Letters from Fallen London
Mint Humbugs (Gabbling Pulpit Stalkers)
The Neathbow
Nightmare-Threnody (Wild Words, Tumbling Through Space)
Out of Context Failbetter Games (FL and SS quotes taken out of context)
Pages from a Dusty Bookshop (an unofficial FL changelog)
The Relentless Inspector
Roland Banning, the Ambitious Operative
Victorian Vigilante (the Adventures of Mio)
You Can’t F*ck the Neath (NSFW)

Bumping this, cos I added a few new ones.
Message me if you know of any others that should appear here. :)
edited by phryne on 11/3/2017

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Thought this might be something for the museum: the oldest surviving journal entries I could find, all the way back from 2009!

Also, adding a list of sundry helpful things here for posterity:

The Traveller’s Friend - a helpful spreadsheet to manage and plan your FL goals, by Màiread
The FL 1-Click Wiki extension - open the wiki page of the storylet you’re currently in with one click!

Seasonal content:
Christmas Guide / 12 Days of Mr Sacks ToL-maxing guide
Feast of the Exceptional Rose Guide
Fruits of the Zee festival: Strange Catches
Destiny Guide

A guest post, since I’m afraid this may be eaten by time:
The origins of the Weaseller, and the tipsy dev that made it a reality.

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For Cass Khaw fans:

A book by her (Food of the Gods) is included in the latest Storybundle offering. Of admirable, Neath-level goriness. Apparently.

Seeing them all laid out like this, I love how you can see the writers’ favourite subjects and themes running through their works. Does a story have religious themes, some medieval or early modern history, and exploration of queer male identities? That’s a James Chew story! Does it show the effects of modern technological and cultural developments at the level of individuals? That’s Cash De Cuir, right there. Does it focus on characters dealing with their personal obligations to each other in a society that doesn’t care, because they’re too old, or too young, or too poor, or, especially, female? Oh, you better believe that’s an Olivia Wood story!

I’ve successfully converted nearly all links in this thread to the new format (only a few posts seem to have been deleted by their authors), meaning the archive is once again open to the public!


Thank you so much for curating and continuing to keep an eye on the old StoryNexus games, @phryne!

As the head writer for Zero Summer, I wanted to drop in and leave a quick plug for my upcoming interactive fiction game, We Are Free Mice. (Here’s our website, though we’re on the verge of releasing hugely upgraded new visuals, and here’s our Twitter, which is the best way to follow our development.)

We Are Free Mice features:

  • A fractured understanding of ancient Greece, the early Roman empire, and Arthurian legend
  • Beautifully illustrated tarot from Caleb Hosalla of Eerie Crests and other art and graphic design from Casey McDonald of Wings
  • Moss gardens
  • Political hobnobbing
  • Napping in sunshafts
  • Aeschylus, but with mice

If you liked Zero Summer, we think you’ll love We Are Free Mice.

On another note: I get an email about once a month from a Zero Summer fan asking whether we intend to continue the game, or asking for clarification about the lore, or just checking to see if we’re still doing anything with Zero Summer. I’m going to go ahead and share with y’all what I’ve shared privately for anyone who came asking over the last few years: I have no idea what’s next for Zero Summer as a setting, but if you have a specific question about it, go ahead and ask, and I’ll do my best to answer with as much honesty and as little crypticism as I can.

Stay healthy and safe folks!

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No problem, I liked so many games on that platform and am glad to see them last in some form or other!

Btw: We Are Free Mice also sounds like something I might like, so I signed up to your newsletter :slightly_smiling_face: