The House of Chimes catch-22

Delicious (exceptional) friends,

I have found myself in a difficult spot with respect to the House of Chimes, and it’s not a problem unique to me.

It’s hardly a secret that upon entering HoC, one gains the Admitted to the House of Chimes quality, with many different options with different pre-requisites. Some are quite hard to get, as far as I remember.

While the consequences of that choice are not exactly life-changing, it’s possible to reset that quality for a substantial amount of Fate.

However, therein lies a catch. I cannot preview the options (and their requisites) before committing to that Fate-locked option, and I assume I’ll be locked out of content (including EF stories) until I choose again.

I would really like to assess the risk of not being able to gain the quality I fancy in time for EF story rotation, and furthermore assess if there even is a quality I fancy more than my current choice. It’s fate-locked content, so discussing it openly is not an option by default.

A possible way out of this circulus vitiosus is to add an option to go to the storylet with the choices for free, but having them all locked out by already having the quality. But that, of course, needs to be implemented by Failbetter.

What does the choice there effect? I just thought it was a flavor thing.

It mostly is. There are, apparently, very rare exceptions.
To clarify, I’m not asking for material gain.
edited by Alistair Cray on 5/26/2015

Okay, to be fair, I can glimpse the list of all possible quality level names from checks, but not their descriptions/requisites.

This month, at least, you did not need to be Admitted to encounter the Baronet at the House of Chimes and progress with his story. His continuation storylet shows up regardless, as long as you can actually visit the House. (Checked on my girlfriend’s account right after setting up her subscription.)

You will be locked out of all other Chimes business, though, yes.
edited by Jeremy Avalon on 5/26/2015

Without specifying the requirement for each title, here’s some general advice so you can satisfy most options (some are too difficult without specialized grinding) -

PoSI / all stats above 100
Second Chances x 10
Quirks qualities above 3
Accomplishment Qualities, like Bringer of Death and SotC
Truckload of Connected: Hell / Great Game / Church / Constables
A good collection of wine, mysteries, animals, rifles and quality related to beasts
Parabola-related Dreams and Memory of Light
Stormy-Eyed and What the Thunder Said (quite high)

Although, to be honest, I thought you can Perhaps Not out of it?
edited by Estelle Knoht on 5/26/2015