It’s possible to send Christmas cards to anyone you want, wherever they happen to be, regardless of whether or not you’re acquainted. This Ratmas, I feel we should send some holiday cheer to a poor, neglected, forgotten soul, whose name is often misremembered, who bears the weight of many menaces, day-by-day. I am, of course, talking about none other than Mr Eaten.

Send the poor fella your Christmas cards. The thought’s what counts. If you don’t have any cards, that’s okay! It doesn’t have to be today. As long as you don’t postpone it indefinitely, everything’s fine. [/quote]

So Spacemarine9 posted this in his Ratmas Thread, but I thought it was such a good idea it deserved its own.

You see, Christmas is a time to be a decent folk to all those in need. And I know there are a lot of you who does not want to get involved with a certain search when it returns. But for those of you who know this guy’s position it must be awful. So I say even if you want nothing to do with him, think about sending a card with a little bit of Christmas cheer his way. Include a nice heartwarming message or something. Because noone needs Christmas cheer more than someone who’s had all kinds of horrible things happen to them.

Just sent one. Why do I get the feeling we’re all going to receive horrible stat-lowering cards in return?

Just sent one from my alt.

Everybody deserves a little Christmas cheer, and that poor unhappy fellow could do with some cheering up.:party:

August is a misguided soul who probably needs his curiosity stomped on before it’s too late.
(The angry mog card seemed very appropriate, given the recipient).

Why not a few rats for the poor soul? I’m sure he’s hungry!
So, I just type “Mr Eaten” into my Contacts bar, and I can send cards to him? And does that apply to other Masters? Or even a certain tiger? (He can block our rats, but our cards?)

– Mal

Christmas cards are automatically accepted but pretty much every other social action needs confirmation from the recipient. I don’t think there’s ever been a record of Mr Eaten accepting an action; the closest is the one time he declined a calling card and sent his own.

Is there any record of that anywhere?

Just I’d absolutely love to see what he said :)[/quote]

Right here. The usual, doom, gloom, death, pain, etc.

I did try ordering a rat attack on both Mr. Iron and Mr. Eaten, but they haven’t taken the bait yet. I’m picturing a bunch of rats jumping down a well to go get him.

IDEA: Lets try to send him only watchful cards, and see if we can make his watchful increase to 1000. Its displayed so we should see it!

I don’t think that would work due to the cap, but in theory it would only take 7 cards.

It depends: If their code is put in a way that prevents setting watchful above 200, even manually, maybe they made mr eaten unaffected by that part of code instead of rewriting it. I hope, at lest!

Anything that raises watchful cannot do so above 200. Something that sets watchful to a value, such as overlevelling through notability as a tier 2 PoSI, works fine. So they just set his watchful to 999 directly and not through a normal method in the game.

Right, forgot that the notability addition works the same way :(
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I don’t want to do anything with it, but it’s christmass, cheers to Mr ^@$!(

I say we send him a bunch of Dangerous cards. Maybe we can cure all his Wounds that way…

[quote=the truthseeker](well, Snow may know, but if she did, she doesn’t care, the Hedonist!)[/quote]I like this Snow. She sounds like she’s living right.

Apparently, there’s another exception:

That’s odd, I thought the Box of Wonders had to be unwrapped. Is there some other mechanism for sending Fate?

– Mal