The Great Game?

I remember seeing somewhere something along the lines of “Joining the great game”, requiring 20 or 21 on all 4 of the main qualities and some “Great Game” connections. I cannot find it, at all. What should I do? Was I hallucinating in my honey-addled state? Have I taken leave of my senses and are seeing thing that should not be?

Help, dear ladies and gentleman! Help if you have an ounce of virtue left!

You will truly become a piece of the Game through a certain story. I believe it is initiated through an opportunity card where you seek out an agent of the game and convince them you are worthy of working for them. I’m not sure at what level it becomes available but I’m fairly sure its closer to mid 30’s or 40’s especially in Shadowy. That is the best I know as far as being actively part of the Great Game i.e. not in the sense of Connections. Hope that helps.

The option you mention sounds like the Local Gossip option to start that story, “The first move in a Game.” If you don’t see that option anymore, you’ve probably started the storyline already through the Opportunity card- it starts with you getting the “On the trail of the Cheesemonger” Story quality. (Though as it progresses it’s replaced by [color=#ffffff]“An Agent of the Cheesemonger” under Story [/color]and [color=#ffffff]“A fine piece in the Game” under Accomplishments[/color])

Thank you, fellow Neathlings! I have indeed joined the great game with opportunity cards, as Burning Paradox suggested. I bow in deep gratitude!
edited by Alex Sobol-Lavi on 4/12/2012