The Gift of Fate!

Greetings, Delicious Friends! What do you want? What do you need? Delicious dinner company, in the House of Chimes? Sparring Matches? Perhaps even delicate gemstones for a lady friend? Well never fear! For reasonable and negotiable prices, these can all b yours, through a gift of fate to my charming self! Talk to me or post here to arrange it. We can all succeed with cooperaation, and I await your reply with enthusiasm!

Umm… good luck with that, considering all other folks offer those things for free.

Ahahaha…I always depend on the kindness of strangers XD

I guess it’s like that “give me a million dollars” guy, in that almost nobody would take him up on his offer, but he just needs one person to do so to succeed. Also, he is similarly annoying.

This was a stupid idea. i was half dead when I wrote it. Is there a way to delete a thread?

I shall give you fate if you perform an extraordinary feat for me.

Well now, don’t get down. There’s no big deal in asking politely ^^

Streetfelineblue, you truly know how to charm. And what feats do you have in mind, good sir?

Uhm, thanks, but mine wasn’t an offer at all… I’m actually hanging on my Fate with teeth and claws in the hope I’ll be able to scrape up enough to access a good Fate-locked storylet (I was thinking about the beasts one, but I’ll see) ^^" Actually I’m possibly poorer than you in Fate-wise T.T

Nono, I was thanking you for kind words, and asking Mr. Linton what he needed.

I don’t quite know. That’s what makes it extraordinary.

Oops ^^