The Game That Doesn't Exist

There’s no game of Knife-and-Candle going on now … not, ahem, that there ever was … but it is really not going on now. Which is why I was very tickled to flip this card with a new alt: &quotThe rakes and ruffians who play Knife-and-Candle are out in force tonight. Some have been drinking, and at least one thinks that you are his mark.&quot

Oh? Does this signify the &quotreturn&quot of the infamous nonexistent activity?

Sadly, I expect not. Most likely, these hacks are playing at something they like to think of as K and C, but is actually a trifling game of their own creation. Certainly they could not cut it (so to speak) in the real Knife-and-Candle … if there were such a thing.


Alas I have been pulling up this card for a while now, I remember having similar sentiments when I first saw it, which was some time ago now. It’s a good thing no such thing as Knife and Candle exists, otherwise I would feel a deep sadness at its continued hiatus.

Mannfred Von Darken

Indeed, I remember pulling this card back when I first joined, and I have yet to see any other mention of this game being played. A shame, really!