The Frustrations of Ethical Horticulture

I am attempting to raise a singular plant, and for quite a while now it has been large enough to eat people. I would prefer not to feed it people, and so I’ve been attempting to use the &quotA Little Wine and Water&quot option on one of its cards to increase its quality. According to the wiki, since this action has a 50% chance of success and gives more CP on success that in removes on failure, it should on average increase your plant quality. However, since I started keeping track of my successes and failures on it, out of 43 tries I’ve failed nearly twice as often as I’ve succeeded, and lost a lot more of the quality than I’ve gained.

Is this just the fickleness of the RNG? Has anyone else tried to raise a plant by this method, and could they tell me whether they think it’s possible or not?

Rather than gambling on that card you should fed it sorrow-spiders.

Yeah, that’s what I did. It’s expensive, but, as Flanders & Swann so memorably put it, eating people is wrong.

43 is not a significant enough sample size to get the actual variance of the test.
The wine option will, over time, give you 1/2 a cp of plant growth for your troubles.
You will, eventually, see a growth of 1/2 cp per 50 wine, but this is going to take a long time for the odds to even out.

If you get quickly frustrated by the gambling of this option, I’d avoid it.

I did it entirely by the Wine option. It takes a while, is sometimes frustrating, and requires you to only do the final no-pets stage with the Wine card.

I fed it humans, but i think if i had more sound moral fibre- or if my character didn’t distrust any and all vicars and many coalmen- i wouldn’t be doing it. If the option involved feeding it urchins i certainly would not.

Thank you for your advice, everyone. I think I’ll keep at this route for a while to see if my luck balances out, as it reasonably should. If not, I’ll use spiders or just sell the thing.

it’s worth noting that using spiders will triple how fast you get it towards where you can get rid of the, so if money’s not a big deal, that’s an option. alternatively, while you’re stagnating, you can gather a huge hoard of counterfeit heads.
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