The Fourth Coil (Fate Spoilers)

I just got back from Zailing Zhe ZunderZee, and getting a plated Seal. When I got back, I got the fate advancement for the Fourth Coil StoryLine. Getting the Plated Seal was very hard and time consuming, and I know i will get a hound of heaven if i don’t feed the Seal The Formula. What I want to know is what happens if I do? For any of the animals?

Yes, but you will still need to raise all three relevant stats to level 6. (Keeping devils away, the hunt is on, and taming your beast) Be sure to use the option that uses all three, as the other options will not give you hound of heaven.
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As far as I remember, the Empyrean Redolence (or whatever it’s called) gives you a unique result for each animal. You’ll use your Seal, but you’ll get something else in return.

If one chooses to capture the Plated Seal, can they still get the Somnolent Hyaena and the Tomb Colony creature?
Or do you have to choose one of the three and then the story progresses so you can’t capture the others?

Edit: And if a creature is used up by actions, can you go back and capture another of the same type?
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You can have all four at the same time, and get replacements after you’ve bred them. The game won’t allow you to get multiples of a creature you already possess, but once you’ve gotten rid of it you can definitely get another.