The First Five Fundbetter Games are Announced

[color=#0066ff]Full details of the first five Fundbetter games are on the blog![/color]
[color=#0066ff]I hope you’ll all give these your attention and join us in welcoming them to the Failbetter family![/color]

I love it that one of them’s an actual old-school analog card game!

[color=#ff9900]That’s how we roll.[/color]

Pardon me for being a little less sharp than normal, as I’m feeling under the weather, but a question.

Is this an assistance and mentoring setup similar to “The House of Many Doors?”

[color=#0066ff]This is just funding and a soupcon of advice. None of the fundees really live close enough to come to the office (one is in Brazil) but we’re communicating a lot and hope to help them out with guidance (and exciting things like announcements and press!) as much as we can. :)[/color]

Thank you, Hannah. And I wish them all luck.

Very interesting, thanks! I’ve added all five of them to my ‘games to watch’ list.

Please note that the “Games by Play Date Website” link on the blog page is broken (but easily fixed).

Yes, continue to tempt inevitable depletion of my bank account.

You monsters.

  1. More Exploration Games


I get to play as a ship that sailed North, a Bazaar, a Fluke, or humans from after the bazaar’s death. Also; judgments and the possible chance of
getting the sun and the bazaar to kiss already.

So ya. Sign me up.

  1. Rouge-Likes

Alright, which of you have been spying on me. you know that I cant resist this stuff. A Lovecraft world that is also a Rougelike, with likely a very harsh difficulty curve.
What don’t I just have my wallet bend over right now.

#2. A management game where you play as one of the major powers of the neath.

#3. (I don’t remember the fifth one, so I’ll just put in what should have been there.) An RTS. Something like age of mythology, or rise of nations.

#4. A Sim-City sort of game.

?. Lots Of Role Playing Games ~ Has the widest range of possibility in terms of the 5.

?.card game series’s ~ Better art then whats already there to mach an astounding sound track? Cards? Yes. All my money.

_ = Insert Number.
? = Whichever has better art and stuff gets the higher number.
#_ = this would have been better though.

I Just realized 99% through that these are not the 5 games that were suggested in that little servery…
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I want all of them.

How do I buy them?