The First City's Identity

A certain other character is known to be the one who made the deal to bring the Second City. Same goes for the Fourth City. And the Manager can’t be from the Third City for geographical reasons- no way is a land route from china going to trade with an Aztec city.


The Manager’s city was at the “Crossroads Shaded by Cedars,” and first city coins have an image of a cedar tree. This is probably not a coincidence. Also, the King with a Hundred Hearts gives you a first city coin as a memento of your meeting.

I recall there being a theory that the First City was Tell Brak due to its eye motif.

If you wish a much more in depth discussion about the identity of the first four cities, try having a read through of this
It boasts the claim that it was a thread that changed the Neath, as discussions about the age of the First City and how late currency was invented caused the writers to change content so the first city coins are now “less than 30 years old but they represent something much older”.
Really good discussion thread too.

I used to be in the Jerusalem Camp due to the first city coins being given in groups of 30, like the thirty pieces of silver given to Judas. As of late I’ve joined the Uruk camp, but one cant ignore that the Judas story has some significance.

You have to consider Dilmun which is: the name of the Dilmun club, one of the worlds most ancient civilizations, a crossroads of trade and of waterways, strongly tied to the epic of Gilgamesh, and has close ties with the Garden of Eden.