The Fire Sermon

Hello all. I was wondering if there’s any trick or requirement I’m unaware of for drawing Fire Sermon cards. I’ve already become a person of some importance, and yet I’ve only seen a single fire sermon card in all the time it took to reach this point, and that was over a year ago I believe.

…And I need Fire Sermon 5 for my ambition, so I’ve been stuck at a single point on it for quite a while.

I don’t think so: I’ve drawn several before even becoming a Person of Some Importance (and lost any progress by going slightly too mad)… Isn’t there another way to advance your Ambition, though? I’m not a player of the Marvellous myself, but I hear that a Stone Tentacle-Key can be useful in that regard.

Exact. You can find the Stone Tentacle-key either with the opportunity card The Duchess has a List… that allows you to exchange the four “special gifts” obtainable around Christmas for a bunch of goods including the key, or in Hunter’s Keep over the Unterzee (it takes a ship to get there). We were talking about it in the other thread:

Well, I don’t have either the Christmas gifts for the key, or a ship. Yet. I’m in the process of the person of some importance storyline of acquiring a ship though, so if that gets me access to Hunter’s Keep I may end up going that route.

Note that getting to 5 in the required Dreams could take even more time than going to the Unterzee: especially Fire Sermon seems to be particularly rare :s Anyway, Nigel Overstreet pointed out that SPOILER[color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]there isn’t much to do in Heart’s Desire anyway after “convincing” the MAnager, so you don’t lose much by waiting until you’ll have a ship ^^[/color]SPOILER