The Fire Sermon

Does anyone know of any trick to influencing which dreams you experience? Does it matter where one sleeps, or how advanced ones delirium is? Is it possible to make cheese from rats milk, and if so, would one be imprudent to eat it?[li]

If you’re experiencing fire sermon dreams already, there’s more cards you can draw. Otherwise, it’s only minimizing the card you can draw, and that has quite limited effect.

You just need to be patient. The dream cards will come with time. Though if you’re wanting Fire Sermon because your Ambition is Heart’s Desire I would suggest waiting until you get your own ship. The Tentacle-Key is easier to acquire.

No, of course not, don’t be ridiculous. Everyone knows cheese is made of spiders. [/li]

As I feared, only sweet, merciful Time can bring some semblance of order to my raving dreamscape. Thank you all for your prompt responses.

That sticky fluid sorrow spiders eject when vigorously… stimulated… is NOT milk. Trust me on this.